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SN100C vs. SAC 305 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 04:14:17 EST 2006 | Rob

The most prevailent wave solder machine in small to medium UK companies is the Blundell CMS400 - every man and his dog has one. And the recommended lead free solder for these machines is..... Greg's 0.3% Silver. Quite a few of our customers use h

Re: WAVE SOLDERING and Gluing 0603 packages

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 24 04:41:56 EDT 1999 | Murray Pulman

Dear C.K We are routinely wave soldering 0603 and sot23 on subcontract, hence we get what we are given!!. Being UK based we use a Blundell cms 400 dual wave soldering machine (made in Coventry), Tecan Stencils and Loctite 3612 adhesive. You must k

Sn99 Cu0.7 Ag 0.3

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 09:14:04 EST 2005 | Rob

Hi does anyone have any experience of running Sn 99 Cu0.7 Ag 0.3 solder in their waves? Also is there any reliabilty data available? I think it may also be called C7A3. All I can find is a brief mention in a table in IEC 61190-1-3 2004, and on a pr


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