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Flux Fluxing applciation standards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 12:14:30 EDT 2015 | davef

There is no current standard for the amount of flux that should be applied to a board. Current standards focus on what the result of a process should be, not how the process should be performed. So, the standard tells you that you need a procedure de

Adaptable PCB support systems for use in pick and place machines?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 14:56:27 EDT 2015 | sarason

Adding to my previous message this could be solved fairly easily for the general case with a jig made from 3.2 - 4mm aluminium aircraft grade plate. you would machine the bottom side edges to give a 1.6 mm thickness, then machine the top side to leav

DPAK's falling off pad during reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 11 09:52:53 EDT 2015 | rgduval

I assume that these parts are falling off during second-side reflow? The easy solution, of course, is to not build high-mass components on first-side reflow. If this isn't practical, however, you can try using epoxy/glue under the component. We'

SMT Barcode controls

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 09:05:03 EDT 2015 | scotceltic

Does anyone have a solution as follows: A scanner placed at the enterance of the screen printer, and a program created that can read a PCB's Barcode label. Send that barcode's program information to each piece of equipment (Paste Inspection and place


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 03 09:02:38 EDT 2015 | derrikf

Yes. This is spot on. The machine is more than likely moving for a specific reason. You need to observe what it is doing while it is moving, when it's doing it, if it does it every time you perform a sequence of operations, or if it's occurs interm

Philips Topaz - conveyor motor doesn't work

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 11:12:18 EDT 2015 | zombee

Problem is solved! There wasn't voltage on motor inputs (only 5-10V AC) when the motor connected correctly, but was ~210V AC without motor. Firstly, I exchanged the motor speed control relay (Panasonic G-series type), but the result was same. (the a

PCB PAD problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 07:47:31 EDT 2015 | koprivecj

Greetings! I have a problem with PAD connection in inner layers of 4 layer PCB (signal1, GND, POWER, signal2). Sometimes there is no connection between pad and power plane. I'm using termal relief around PAD in inner layers (same shape pad trough who

QUAD 4000c Program creation with CAD

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 28 09:58:45 EDT 2015 | ahanna

Hello everybody! I'm working with a Quad 4000c that has been refurbished by PPM and need a little help with using the CAD feature. Is there anyone that can help me out by giving me a basic walk through of how this works? I'm not sure if this is valu

Mydata Lift motor 2 amplifier error

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 15 10:21:30 EDT 2015 | azdback

troubleshooting a table lift error on MY12. Error code: F-MOT_Releaseboard conveyor lift/1304. Basically, the table got stuck on the up position. Also bench tested both lift motors and they are ok.Rotated the lift motors manually to test the encoder

What's the best company for low volume, quick turn around PCB assembly?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 10:43:13 EST 2015 | dyoungquist

As for cost, that will depend on several things.... -Turn key or consignment? -Diversity of components? -Total quantity of components to be loaded? -Single or double sided SMT? -Individual boards or are they panelized? -No clean or water soluble flu

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