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Wrong Crystal

Nov 20, 2019 | Trying to create my own RFID reader based off the MFRC522 demo board by copying the layout and compo

smt costings

Mar 31, 2015 |

Wave Solder issues

Oct 8, 2014 | We are having an intermittent issue with a certain board on our wave solder line, machine is a Vitro

PCB Warps

Dec 22, 2010 | Hello ! I have a problem with one of high runner, our board comes in a seal package with dessican

Unusual solderability issue

Apr 23, 2010 | Hi all, The board shop finally got back to me with some results. They did find residue present on


Nov 2, 2009 |

defects in pcb manufacturing

Nov 1, 2009 | Hi Julie, My opinion is that the top board would not pass IPC, solder mask encroachment on pads.

MPM UP2000 HiE Z problem

Aug 7, 2009 |

RoHS PCB Questions

Nov 16, 2007 |

SN100C wetting problems

Jul 13, 2007 |

PCB Warpage in Reflow

Jul 13, 2007 | Has your board house reviewed the PCB layer stack? Make sure that the layers are balanced in copper

Jammed Fuji CP65 Nozzles?

Jan 30, 2007 |

Die temperature exceed Tg temperature

Dec 19, 2006 | Take your choice: * Can't image this is a good thing. The board under the die will 'dry-out' and t

"Gap" in completed solder joint between lead and pad

Nov 28, 2006 | We don't have a gap between the lead and the pad after a SM joint is soldered. On our boards, this

Heller vs. Vitronics

Nov 21, 2006 |

up2000 HiE hates me

Nov 1, 2006 |

Rigid Flex Application

Sep 15, 2006 | Our designers are working on a product that would require a board to be folded back on itself or joi

SMT Edge Connectors

Sep 15, 2006 |

Components Misalignment/shifted (One pad away)

Jul 24, 2006 | Hi CKH, If the problem is on the current board type only, the problem is in the fiducials or in t

Dek MK1

Jul 17, 2006 |

Problems with SN100C in a Soltec Delta C Wave

Jun 14, 2006 | Yes it's definately possible to have too much flux. You'll see a white residue film on the board. In

No clean with higher SIR values

Jun 13, 2006 | Wow, good luck. None of my test results would be helpful since we use IPC-B-24 test boards as recei

I need a QUAD QSP-2 Question answered

Apr 24, 2006 | We have the IQ system. The problem that I was having is that when I load one board to the other, I w

Cleaning PCB assemblies

Feb 28, 2006 |


Feb 2, 2006 |

Wave Pallets

Jan 24, 2006 |

X7R woes

Dec 26, 2005 | Addendum: The boards are 2" by 2.4" (50mm by 60mm) and have 158 SMT components and 20 thru-hole p


Oct 6, 2005 |

Flex circuit

Sep 22, 2005 |

Urgent!! ... AI process after SMD Reflow Soldering

Sep 15, 2005 | Thanks Steve, good point about warped boards, which are common with doube-sided reflow. Centerboard

delamination test

Aug 23, 2005 | 50% of seeing it in a single pass. The only time we do this is if we have a board off the line that

Large PCB Paste Printing

Aug 2, 2005 |

Very fishy missing solder paste issue

Jul 19, 2005 | CLampron, There is no place for PCB thickness in a Mydata program. The board thickness is of no

Parts Blowing off in Reflow Oven

Jun 30, 2005 | Is this happending consistently with every board? I guess if it is (so is easily reproduced), I'

Plating Integrity

Jun 16, 2005 |

A.O.I - Design - Brainstorm

May 11, 2005 | Well, we don't use AOI, but a 22x28CM (8x11 inches) board size seems a bit small. Our pick and plac

Lead-Free SMD repair

Apr 30, 2005 | I think he did mentioned the board size in the inital thread: "265mm x 207mm pcb", but maybe it was

Solder joint strength

Mar 28, 2005 | So far I've been working with a xtal. I've been placing this on a board and the part was falling fro

Precision Auger Dispense Pump

Jetting Pump for Integration