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Mar 5, 2010 | How is that going to help hold a BGA to the bottom of the board during secondary reflow?

2010&2512 cracking

Feb 23, 2010 | We use a CAB de-panelizer to separtare our boards out of a panel. Works great.

large smt inductors moving in the reflow oven

Feb 7, 2010 | Makes us wonder how well the connections on the component match with the pads on the board.

Solder briding on QFP

Jan 14, 2010 | whats the solder finish on the bare boards

Via Failure in Field

Jan 6, 2010 | what is the residue all over the board in the second picture?

Water Washing

Dec 21, 2009 | Here is my question to the Guru's on this site. Lead free boards to go though Wave / reflow - an

Teknor microsystems

Nov 14, 2009 | We don't have the board that you seek. Consider contacting used equipment resllers.

UIC UPS Version 8+

Oct 15, 2009 | There are no circuits/offsets - it's a single board.

Mysterious reflow problem

Sep 23, 2009 |

Baking populated PCBs

Sep 9, 2009 | Dave is correct (as usual). Baking the boards might reduce blowholes but will definitely not elimin

How many times can a component go through reflow oven?

Sep 3, 2009 | We do not have any electrolytic capacitors on this board.

Baking populated PCBs

Aug 25, 2009 |

Vapour phase soldering - problem

Aug 20, 2009 | This is a picture of the board without components.

Philips Comet BIOS Password

Jul 23, 2009 | Yes, the password is kj0m42. It is the first 6 letters of the System Board part number.

DEK Stencil image offset?

Jul 19, 2009 | For 29x29; 622mm from rear (outer) edge of frame to front edge of board.

Crazing or Delam - Thermal or Mechanical?

Jun 18, 2009 | We'd call it delamination and ask our board fabrictor to come over and -off replacement baords.

adhesion of copper to solder mask

May 28, 2009 | If your newer board passes a tape test, you should be OK.

PCB finishes for high temperature applications

May 12, 2009 | Polyimide bare board with tin over nickel solderability protection.

conformal coating - masking problem with ammonia

May 12, 2009 | Did the board fabricator forget to apply the nickel undercoat?

QFN's and LGA's

May 12, 2009 |

ENIG Thickness for Flex

Apr 15, 2009 | Thank you! I am looking into this, but main idea is to use rigid board in place of flex.

0402 tombstoning and dewetting on QFP256 trade-off

Mar 6, 2009 | whats your board finish?

Solder paste height

Mar 5, 2009 | Are you using HASL PCB's? Try measuring a bare board and compare.

Flexa Prog query

Feb 19, 2009 | I think as long as they are imported as different board numbers, you can have "duplicate" ref design

4C will not home

Jan 15, 2009 |

SOT23s and paste + glue

Dec 22, 2008 |

PCB Baking after Wash

Dec 3, 2008 | boards are polyimide, and it is an ipa rinse with the solvent cleaner.

PCBA Handling Damage

Nov 22, 2008 | The only easy solution is not to handle the boards. Purchase true double sided reflow lines. Buy a


Nov 21, 2008 | Try to use digi-board to connect CP6 from flexa.

solder balls on pcb

Oct 27, 2008 | So you passed a BARE board thru the oven and got solder balls?

Jot Automation inspection conveyor failure

Oct 21, 2008 | How does the conveyor know if a board is good or bad?

Manual repair of solder joints

Oct 21, 2008 | They must live in a perfect world where they give you perfect boards and perfects parts.

Black Pad?? (PICTURES)

Oct 20, 2008 | Any pictures of those pads prior to printing? Or how does the incoming boards look?

SMT Connector, Placement Issues

Oct 3, 2008 | On a couple of boards, try remove the pins, let reflow align the connector to the pads

SMT Connector, Placement Issues

Oct 3, 2008 | Change your board to bigger holes.

Silver Immersion Problem

Sep 27, 2008 |

Miss Prints

Sep 4, 2008 | WOW..... last time I looked, vias were a part of the board.

Miss Prints

Sep 4, 2008 | no, you said on the board, did not mention anything about in the vias

Miss Prints

Sep 4, 2008 | Surface wiping will not clean your board. Look under a scope and you will see paste in the vias.

looking for HASL TIN thickness specification

Sep 2, 2008 | You should have a few microns of Sn on a board. Vlad

PCB becomes darken (yellownish)

Aug 27, 2008 | Your board fabricator can replate them for you.

PCB troubleshooting cause

Aug 21, 2008 | You will need to micro section a virgin board in the same spot.

Would YOU accept this PCB ???

Aug 20, 2008 | What boards? LOL

Missprint PCB cleaning

Aug 18, 2008 | What paste are you cleaning from the board?

Would YOU accept this PCB ???

Aug 18, 2008 | Tolerance stack up has really become an interesting issue with boards coming from China. What has u

Paste in hole question

Aug 18, 2008 | I belive this could be done in the board fab process better than trying to do it with paste.

IPA Alternatives

Large PCB Dispensing System