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Conformal Coating Discoloration

Sep 2, 2011 | Rich That is a standard reaction with Humiseal 1A33, nothing to worry about. Find a board that wa

mydata spare electronics

Aug 9, 2011 | We just blew a Elmo power supply board on our MyData 12E placement machine. Can anyone suggest a sup

BGA Thermal Profiling

Aug 5, 2011 |

PCB racks

Aug 4, 2011 |

Excessive solder balls!

Jul 8, 2011 |

Dealing with BGA solder ball in via hole

Mar 23, 2011 | I have a few prototype circuit boards with BGA footprints where some (but not all) of the vias have

cp643e x axis servo interlock

Jan 29, 2011 | hi i am having problems with a cp 643 when i run in auto it errors unloading a board with the x axis

Manual handling aftrer Pick n place

Jan 18, 2011 | Theres something to be said for having a machine operator or inspection person carry the board from


Jan 7, 2011 |

Pad finish

Oct 4, 2010 |

Completed Assembly Storage Life Question

Aug 19, 2010 | We want to complete an end of life build on a leaded no-clean circuit board assembly. I was asked ho

I need an Oven

Apr 23, 2010 |

Stain on PCB from reflow oven

Apr 15, 2010 | We found stains on the boards come out of reflow oven. The board itself color changed to yellowish f

VIOS Interpretation

Apr 7, 2010 | Hi Mabdalla, Attached is my VIOS file. The board dimension in your file is 285.75(L) x 215.90(W)

BGA Resistor Array Separating from Balls

Jan 18, 2010 | Good Afternoon, Is this by chance a Pb BGA on a RoHS board? We had an issue with a Pb BGA on a

SMT OEE Calculator

Nov 8, 2009 |

Double sided BGA assembly

Aug 13, 2009 |

QFN's and LGA's

May 20, 2009 | We just placed a 56 pin QFN, 1 per board, on 10 boards and had zero defects. A good paste job, prop

Solder paste process

Apr 30, 2009 |

BGA voids

Apr 23, 2009 | 25% void (total pcba inspected is 15 boards, each board has 2 BGAs and each BGA has 64 balls).

layer 2 groundplane disconnects after hand solder

Apr 10, 2009 | Layer 2 is the ground plane layer of a 4 layer board. After installing a 2.5 mm DC power jack and 0

PCB Burned after reflow?

Mar 4, 2009 |

PCB Burned after reflow?

Mar 2, 2009 |

wave pallets

Feb 22, 2009 |

SN100C Selective Solder Voiding

Feb 13, 2009 | Update Received cross-section analysis for ENIG plated boards and am happy to report that we have

Masking tape

Jan 22, 2009 | What masking tape can people recommend for masking the board when conformal coating. I am using a PV

Solderability problem II

Jan 16, 2009 |

Wire bond failure

Jan 15, 2009 |

SN100C Selective Solder Voiding

Dec 11, 2008 | Update - We've tested a board previously having voiding issues with ENIG versions and the voiding ha

Delamination / Measling

Dec 8, 2008 | Board House, Thank you for the info. We are baking 6 hours at 250F prior to processing. We are a mi

Screen printing

Nov 22, 2008 |

General SMT Question

Nov 21, 2008 | In the good old days, I've made raw boards at home. Layout the design and then transfer it to a b

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Oct 30, 2008 | Hi all I am going to get a board laid out which will be done on a fuji cp43, could the experts plea

ADJUST-A-VAC Vacuum Tweezer for fragile components, wafers, MEMS devices tweezers

MPM SMT screen printer parts