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Conveyors and bar code

Aug 23, 2006 |

SMT Assembly Line

May 28, 2006 | Hi, One thing, getting back to the original topic, is you might want to panelize these boards as

Issues with No Clean Resdue??

May 10, 2006 | I would be far more concerned about the flux residue intentionally left on the board than the �dust

Reflow Oven Profiling

Apr 25, 2006 |

Reflow Oven Profiling

Apr 25, 2006 | I am in the process of profiling some 8"x10"x0.063" double sided boards in our 4 zone oven(4 top and

type of machine

Mar 14, 2006 |

type of machine

Mar 9, 2006 |

cleaning spec

Mar 8, 2006 | I am looking for an industry standard �stock� note to place on our printed circuit board assembly dr

Screen Printers

Jan 19, 2006 |

Ionograph Testing

Jan 6, 2006 | I would suggest that it would be helpful to perform ion chromatography analysis on some of the board

Ionograph Testing

Jan 4, 2006 | We have an Ionograph 500 M SMD II tester. A couple of months ago, it began failing bare boards at a

Batch Ovens

Nov 5, 2005 |

Fudical, where, size, etc

Nov 4, 2005 | I forgot to mention something about the local fiducial marks: In the "old days" where board stretch

ERSA versa as alternative to wave soldering in low vol high mix

Aug 30, 2005 | If you do not have a lot of TH joints there are some advantages. No boards "submarined" in solder po

PCB finish for RoHS?

Aug 9, 2005 | Hi Ted, I am a Sales Manager for a Circuit board Manufacture in MN. We have seen the Majority

A.O.I recommendation

Jun 22, 2005 |

A.O.I recommendation

Jun 21, 2005 |

A.O.I recommendation

Jun 20, 2005 |

Local fiducial spacing...

Jun 10, 2005 |

Cleaning of PCBA's

Apr 15, 2005 |

MPM UP2000 Lamps won't turn off completely-Help

Apr 13, 2005 | Hi, I need help with our MPM UP2000, the stencil and the lamp boards won't turn off completely, the

Quad vmp20b printer

Mar 9, 2005 | Hello Deyo, With regards to schematics for these boards, SigmaPrint Technologies Ltd as the autho

Set Command Variables

Feb 11, 2005 |

no-clean flux removal

Jan 20, 2005 |

Coating adhesion problems

Sep 21, 2004 |

Coating adhesion problems

Sep 21, 2004 |

lead pull out issue

Aug 25, 2004 | Hello recently I met one very interesting issue with my board and connector. substrate of the boar

lead pull out issue

Aug 24, 2004 | recently I met one very interesting issue with my board and connector. substrate of the board is co

Solid Solder Deposit

Aug 9, 2004 |

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Aug 4, 2004 | Hi, Thanks for your reply. I run 2 boards, using the same paste, thermal profile and the same

Recomendations? Fuji CP7 or Univ HSP4797?

Jul 4, 2004 | Sam- It all depends on what and how many boards you're trying to build that will determine if gantr

MPM Teaching Vision

Jun 1, 2004 |

Wave soldering profiling

May 6, 2004 |

Polymide Films PWB

May 6, 2004 |

smt basics

May 4, 2004 | Hi, It depends of your boards(are they for SMD or not) and how many boards you assemble. The proces

qfp reflow problems

Apr 17, 2004 |

Flexible high speed pick & Place

Reflow Oven