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adhesive for thermocouple

Apr 30, 2004 | Hi all What adhesive you recommend to catch thermocouple to the board? (resistant to high temp an

contamination on copper

Apr 15, 2004 |

Lead-free solder

Apr 14, 2004 | try Indium Corp's SMQ230. Peak "on board" temps of 229C with good we

Large Voids with Via in Pad

Apr 13, 2004 | I didn't know we worked for the same company (cheap)! Do you at least get to look at the boards bef

AMP SMT Connector

Apr 12, 2004 |

Prob in Gold plated PCB prod

Apr 12, 2004 | what kind of temps is the board seeing? I noticed zones at 220 and 215 respectively could you be ru

Stringed Washable Beads?

Apr 7, 2004 | I have a customer that is looking for Stringed Washable beads that the legs of boards sit on top of.

clean process vs non clean process

Apr 4, 2004 | Hi Ken I'm not so sure about the voltage level but I'm dealing with backplane boards. Michael,

PCB post reflow cleaning

Apr 2, 2004 |

PCB post reflow cleaning

Mar 29, 2004 | Well how can I correct this? Would baking the board prior to any operations help? Is this an issue I

PCB post reflow cleaning

Mar 29, 2004 | Hi Dave, its not the connections that have the white residue. It is the surface of the board. The wh

BGA Rework Kit

Mar 25, 2004 | Try out the component print stations apply solder to the BGA instead of the board, works perfect! L

BGA rework

Mar 19, 2004 |

Ionic washing

Mar 18, 2004 | Water wash cleaning with a deionized water rise is used for bare boards and assemblies [and probably


Mar 18, 2004 |


Mar 8, 2004 | Check out Indium Solder. They have an evaluation board "from Hell"!!! I believe they sell it for

PCBA rework

Mar 6, 2004 |

Lead vapor

Mar 4, 2004 |

Jumper Wire Assembly Aids

Mar 4, 2004 | If an OEM and room is available on the PCB....have pin location aids silk screened on the boards. G

fiducial mark

Mar 1, 2004 |

bulbous joint

Feb 20, 2004 | Lucky guess, eh? [Sorry to blow your theory on bad parts] A 1000 of these boards on the line, um

bulbous joint

Feb 20, 2004 |

bulbous joint

Feb 19, 2004 | Has anyone ever seen a bulbous joint (on 1 side of 1 designator) on every board? I checked the prehe

QFP Removal

Feb 16, 2004 | Removal: Run the board through the reflow oven with the cooling zone turned off. Then pick the QFP

Component stencils

Feb 16, 2004 | Have you thought about ssd? Boards already have the paste on them when they come in.

Solder Bursting

Feb 14, 2004 |

Printing paste through screeen mesh versus stencil

Feb 4, 2004 | Hopefully this is not a stupid questions but, if you are printing low tech surface mount boards, is

pwb warpage

Feb 2, 2004 | Hey Dave, you sound like my local board supplier...just kidding. Incomming inspection will protec

pwb warpage

Feb 2, 2004 |

SMT Production Capability

Jan 28, 2004 | Well, one of the things that we'll need to replace is the fact that all of our current boards use th

Wavesoldering Preheat

Jan 21, 2004 |

Assembleon AX-5 & ACM

Jan 2, 2004 |

PC Assembly of 0.5mm pitch array Chip Scale Package with HASL fi

Dec 19, 2003 | We agree with Deano. Can you use ENIG on your board?

siplace part missing

Dec 11, 2003 |

Soldering problem with SMT Header

Nov 22, 2003 | When the pads on the board are too large, the component tends to swim. This skewing can be a BIG pr

aluminum pcb

Nov 7, 2003 | Is anyone using .062 aluminum circuit boards with copper conductors in your production lines? What k

Selective BGA ball removal

Nov 7, 2003 | It would depend on how many boards and parts you need to build. I would prefer an etch cut as it lea

Examples of Six Sigma

Oct 28, 2003 | Consider: * OnBoard Forum * SMTnet A

Used equipment sales

Oct 24, 2003 | If your boards are 18"X18", what size magazines are you using? Most unloaders only handle 18"x18"

Batch Cleaners

Oct 17, 2003 |

Batch Cleaners

Oct 17, 2003 | We have a need to clean boards. Can we use a regular dishwasher if we feed it with DI water thru a w

High Precision SMT Fluid Dispensers

 Reflow System