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Reliability Problem

Feb 29, 2000 | When an assemblied board was on active service, what's the main reason for its failure:the package b


Feb 10, 2000 |

Defects Definition

Feb 8, 2000 |

Anti-solder finishing

Feb 6, 2000 | I have a board which contains brass spacers. The spacers will pass through the wave during soldering

Low-Melt Solder

Feb 5, 2000 |

BGA Rework options

Feb 4, 2000 |

Trimming leads

Feb 4, 2000 |

Re: Solder balls after wave soldering

Jan 28, 2000 | Hi! I have problems with the SMD boards during wave soldering. Mainly between the pins of the SOICs

SMT Additive Process

Jan 25, 2000 | We are integrating an "Additive Process" on one of our boards - incorporating numerous mod wires, cu

Wave Solder Flux Weight

Jan 25, 2000 | My experience with weighing fluxed boards or cardboard is pretty dismal. Problem is the solvent in

gold fingers over wave

Jan 14, 2000 |

Immersion White Tin Process for PCB Finish

Jan 14, 2000 | Yes selective gold might be a cost factor. How about the whole board in Ni/Au that�s what we do with


Jan 4, 2000 | For clipping off small boards and small quantities you can try Simonds. With no components and for

pressfit connector

Jan 4, 2000 |

Via in the middle of a pad

Jan 4, 2000 | One of the boards has a via designed right in the middle of a pad for a 1206 cap, one side only. Thi

0201 Capacitor Solder Printing

Jan 3, 2000 | Has anyone had luck with 0201 cap board design, solder printing and reflow? IPC-SM-782 does not prov

SMT with communications manufacture

Dec 23, 1999 | Am not aware of any resource which would accomodate your request, however we build contract boards f

Double Reflow

Dec 21, 1999 | Currently i am producing a board using dloble reflow process. The bottom side is mostly 0603 chips a


Dec 14, 1999 |

White Residue

Dec 9, 1999 |

Adhesive on hot PCBs

Dec 8, 1999 | I think the number is about 80 degrees C. If the board is hotter than that, glue problems start to

In House or Out

Dec 1, 1999 |

patchproblem lifted lead

Dec 1, 1999 |

Placement Equipment for 17 x 23 Backplanes?

Nov 23, 1999 | Give Contact Systems a call. A standard Contact machine will fit boards as large as 26" x 18", and p

Double sided smt

Oct 31, 1999 | Do both sides of that board contain larger IC's and other large components or just one side?? If ju

Ferrite Bead 1206

Oct 31, 1999 |


Oct 25, 1999 |


Oct 21, 1999 | Hi all I am currently looking for a machine (automated or manual) to cut boards out of a pallet. Th

PWB packaging for shipment and storage

Oct 20, 1999 | Our company (assembler and user) has experienced some board problems relating to warpage and soldera


Oct 20, 1999 | We have a Yamazen PK-32E Magazine board Loader. It appears that at one time or another was connected

0402's Tombstoning

Oct 14, 1999 | We recently started designing boards using 0402's. The geometry was built using IPC specs but our co

PCB warpage

Oct 14, 1999 |

Solder surface tension

Oct 8, 1999 |

ADJUST-A-VAC Vacuum Tweezer for fragile components, wafers, MEMS devices tweezers

pcb components vacuum pick up