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Fuji CP3 R FENCE Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 31 20:21:54 EDT 2014 | sonavc

Thank you for all help. Finally I got this old machine ran. Now sometimes, I get this error " R FENCE " . I checked the center photoelectric beam at the rear of the machine was good. Sometime I 'm so lucky turn it on and it work. now the problem o

Incomplete reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 11:53:44 EDT 2014 | hegemon

It's right there in front of you. Not enough overall temperature across the board. No wetting issue is evident, just looks like you need to turn up the heat, as Dave has mentioned. SOB has mentioned the issues surrounding the Electrolytic caps, ch

PoP parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 17 07:51:19 EDT 2014 | emeto

Opens are on the device to the PCB - mainly on the edges, that makes me think I get some kind of warping,but even if I bake parts and boards doesn't help. We also tried different reflow profiles - same results. I hear that some people use dip fluxers

0201 (0603) stencil spec

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 08:16:58 EDT 2014 | emeto

It really depends on pad design and other component on the PCB. Most of the time I run 0201s I have microBGAs on the board and usually print 3mil. Reduction will depend on the paste. For leaded paste you will have reduction (about 10% or so).For Lea

QUAD QSP-II Owner Manual/ User Guide book

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 00:18:42 EDT 2014 | tuanly

To all experts in house, If by chance any one can tell me where to buy or down load the Owner Manual /User guide book for Quad -QSP-II SMT machine. Or step by step instruction how to teaching board Fiducial on this Quad QSP-II. Thank you all in adva

Samsung CP20

Electronics Forum | Mon May 19 14:29:27 EDT 2014 | wendynguyen234

We have a Samsung CP20 with window 95, S-2000 MMI version 1.27 from Manncorp Inc. that freeze on window 95 screen. It was found that the mother board was at fault & need to be replaced. We replaced it with a compatible one & kept the original hard dr

BGA drop off from the boards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 15:33:39 EDT 2014 | hegemon

I don't see any visuals that make me think of black pad phenomena. I do note that it appears that pads on the BGA itself have detached and been left on top of some of the solder balls. To me it looks like the temperature profile is not correct, not

Reflow 2nd side on Vitronics Soltec XPM

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 08:33:06 EDT 2014 | patel_daxa29

Do I need to lower temperature of bottom zone (for common size parts) while reflow 2nd side of the board or I should be using same profile as I used for 1st side reflow? Will parts on bottom side will stay in place without changing temperature?

Reflow 2nd side on Vitronics Soltec XPM

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 12:08:14 EDT 2014 | emeto

I don't think you decide that based on the oven. More important is what kind of parts you have on the board. If you have big heavy parts you should run them as second side.Of course you have the option to put glue under the suspicious part and run it

Old machine for Picking and placing masking dots

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 16:58:16 EDT 2014 | proy

I would love to use my old zevatech with a large nozzle (qfp) to pick kapton masking dots and place them on a board. I am getting some 'thicker' kapton dots to test, and need to find a way to present them, might be a trick but worth a try. Has anyon

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