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Ok gurus got a question?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 08:15:16 EST 2006 | jdengler

If you define cycle time as the time it takes to complete one board it is a useless number. What you need to know is the time it takes to complete one board and start the next board. This means first fiducial on first board to first fiducial on th

Re: Bare board solderability testing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 22:40:22 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| | Bare board solderability plays a significant role of forming good solder joint. Currently, I can not find any information about bare board solderability testing procedure or methods. I think the procedure of testing should have some differentiat

Screen printing warped boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 14:24:54 EDT 2006 | pms

Sr.Tech, Don't know about AP25's, we have a DEK. We have problems with some large board sagging in the middle, causing the board to slip under the board stop, but our DEK has the ability to program the board stop anywhere in the Y direction, allowin

Destacker will not separate 1mm thick boards

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 21 09:07:35 EDT 2014 | wsp364

My UIC destacker does fine with 2mm thick boards. However, I have to hand feed the 1mm thick boards. I have seen vacuum board placers for small boards but not for large boards. I need to get a solution for 24" x and 16" y boards that are only

What method for cleaning a wiped board?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 19:43:49 EDT 2023 | auriga2001

The idea is you test printing cycles with one board before thoroughly cleaning it. The board doesn't get thrown away. You just test print and wipe one board until you get a good print, then thoroughly clean that board. What would you use to clean a p

board delaminated after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 11:33:51 EDT 2009 | 1036

2) STD FR4 material with HASL finish, 4 layer board. Reflowed under tin-lead temps with another 4 layer board same time(no delamination problem). 3) We uasualy do not pre-bake board unless board is too old. 4) We do not have the board on hand right

QFN aligment issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 15:33:12 EDT 2012 | dmiller

That's a long board! Based on your description, it sounds like board stretch may be your issue. Look at where the paste is printed on the board. If you have board stretch, you'll see the print off to the left on the left side of the board and off

PCBA Standards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 07 17:47:00 EDT 2004 | davef

For bare board design for test, try: * IPC-2221 - Generic Standard On Printed Board Design * Section standard for the board type [eg, IPC-2222 - Sectional Design Standard For Printed Board For Organic Printed Boards]

If we could bake the Board with OSP finish?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 13:37:28 EDT 2004 | davef

Baking your boards will redue the amount of OSP on the board. If you use the boards quickly, you probably will not have a problem with baking [and don't bake too long]. Why do you want bake this board?

PC Board Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 07:24:55 EDT 2007 | hussman

Is there a guideline for the manufacturing of PC Boards? I find that my board changes dramatically from board house to board house, causing about 2% failure rate.

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