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Blowholes during wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 09:48:12 EDT 2007 | davef

Joris We don�t know the maximum period to store the boards without having problems with blowholes. Too many variables to determine. We prefer to just fix the problem, but understand that you have stock that you need to build-down. Determining mois

Beginners' steps to run wave soldering process

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 15:03:56 EST 2006 | davef

Q1- Will we be able to select the materials (flux and alloy) and run the process depending only on ourselves, distributors� help, machinery documentation, web data and �trial and error?� A1- Your materials suppliers [eg Kester, Alpha Metals, etc] wil

Re: wave solder bridges

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 08:27:50 EDT 2000 | Tekguy2000

Yea you gotta love those airknives. It may not work in this application if the shorts are present at the trailing edge. I have several boards that are using conns with pins at .050" centers and they short. The protrusion is .030" to .040". The shorte

Re: wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 22:02:48 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Jason: Wave soldering is the coolest thing!!!! First, so, what�s the chemical analysis of this white res? Can you point us to either tin, rosin, or something else? Second, how do you know that you are making these white residues? Could your boar

Wave soldering PWB with foil surface.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 02:55:59 EDT 2002 | Bob Willis

Many thanks for the name check Frank but its http://www.bobwillis.co.uk not eps.com Any suggestions recomendation on topics to include to up date the wave soldering set guide would be appriciated. Bob Willis

Solder in wave soldering: Which one is the best?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 13:38:40 EST 2005 | pr

I am using this same flux and haven't had too many problems. I think Russ is steering you right on your wave flow and I would also check the fluxer performance to make sure it's getting to the top of your board. Are you sure these aren't sunken joint

Wave Soldering Process Training Material

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 08:29:49 EST 2005 | pr

Bob Willis has some downloads that might help. http://www.bobwillis.co.uk/ good luck, pr

Wave Solder Profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 11 20:30:05 EDT 2003 | davef

Our old friend Bob Willis posted the best procedure for determining wave solder recipes at his site [ http://www.bobwillis.co.uk ]. In the "Download" section, look for "Setting up Wave Soldering System (Plain Text Format)". It was written, last we

Re: Solder woes

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 13:30:54 EDT 2000 | Bob Willis

Solder skips on SOT23 parts is the most common issue when soldering surface mount designs. The two most common causes are the wave height too low or there is too much gassing of the flux as it contacts and seperates the wave. Stck some parts on your

Re: Hot Air Nife

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 14:17:20 EDT 1999 | Bob Willis

| Anyone using hot air nife for wave soldering process. | Does it work? | Does it really eliminate solder bridging and does it create any other problems? | | any feed back will be much appriciated. | | Thanks | | Tony A | | I have a article I p

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