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Fillet Tearing

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 22 09:51:41 EST 2006 | PIC

Bomb europe!

All your base are belong to us

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 13 11:54:25 EST 1995 | neil

Some one set us up the bomb! All your base are belong to us.


Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 19:48:21 EDT 2021 | mikeybinec

Well, that sure bombed out. This xpress company does not understand what photo emulsion is Oh well

Air Turns

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 25 21:43:49 EDT 2001 | davef

We had planned to touch-off a "smoke bomb" after hours and measure its progess. {Obviously, we are not BIG on thinking.]

Stencil alignement using the 2 cameras

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 15 14:05:12 EDT 2003 | pjc

what is the manufacturer and model of the printer you are planning to use? actually, if its a semi-automatic machine you may not need the cameras to align the stencil to the board. you can "bomb-site" it.

RoHS 1/7/2006 (EU)

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 13:46:35 EDT 2004 | Nick Prince

More importantly...... How is it going to be measured? Who is going to measure? Who is going to enforce implimentation? The whole issue is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Fuji CP5

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 19 13:53:37 EST 2006 | dman97

Does anyone know exactly why these machines bombed the way they did? I have never heard of anyone out there who still has these machines. Were they recalled from fuji? What exactly happened to all the machines that were out in the field? Anyone know?

Air Turns

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 14:55:17 EDT 2001 | mparker

Why not a stink bomb during regular work hours? (If you can get any methyl mercapton, that stuff is very odorific. Smells like baby's barf. A little dab'll do ya!) That way you could gage the complaint ratio as time goes by. Could save you much elbow

Universal GSM

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 14:05:13 EDT 1998 | Ross Perot

I didn't use my real name because I don't want to get bombed with phone calls and emails. We are an OEM looking to put in a SMT line soon. Is this GSM a decent machine? How much does it cost? Also and info on decent screen printers and reflow o

SIR starting point...?

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 22 13:11:07 EDT 2002 | slthomas

After considerable hemming and hawing, we decided to drop the bomb on 'em....give us ORL0 (which we use here) AND no bottom side solder balls or belly up to the bar with some favorable Appendix B test results on their preferred flux. As usual, Mr. F

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