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Moonman - may I join you?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 04 11:20:48 EST 1999 | Brian

Hi, all! I've been away in the USA for 10 days and, coming back, I find that various questions which I had asked of the staff at SMTnet had been totally ignored. I have therefore taken the decision to resign from the Editorial Board of SMT Express a

Re: Cold Welding Phenomenon

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 10 03:01:30 EST 1998 | Pete Sorenson

| Cold Welding | I'm presently doing a project on reflow profiling. | I came across this expression. Can someone please give me a definition. | Best Regards | Tom Mc Grath A cold weld is a joint between two metals produced by the application of pr

Re: Flexible Circuit, rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 23 01:33:13 EDT 1998 | Pete Sorenson

| I am looking for a way to re-bond a flexible circuit to | a PWB, so that the original circuits are re-connected. | Can anyone help? | I believe I saw some equipment in SMT Magazine 1 or 2 | months ago, but I can not find that advertisement! I rece

Wow! Changes...

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 11:36:09 EDT 2002 | bdoyle

I think I follow the questions... Ok lets see. About two site revisions ago there was a "home" page and there was a "MySMTnet" page. They were completely seperate entities. MySMTnet is a registered user customizable page. You dictate what boxes

Re: registration

Electronics Forum | Tue May 18 12:07:15 EDT 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

Stefano, As a web developer, I see the pros and cons quite clearly, and I strongly believe that the pros of cookies much outweigh the cons. The main reason I see for not accepting cookies, is to remain anonymous and to attempt to have some Internet

Re: Heat seal ribbon to gold plated fingers and lcd displays

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 24 23:30:59 EDT 1998 | Pete Sorenson

| I know that this not surface mount, but many of us have to perform multipule duties. Can anyone give me some information on this I am having problems getting relibility | getingthe heat seal ribbon to make consistant electrical contact. | Any help


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