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How to repair broken pads

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 15:53:41 EDT 2016 | davef

IPC-7711B/7721B Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies [http://www.ipc.org/TOC/IPC-7711B-7721B.pdf ] start looking at page xiii. Alternately, try Circuit Repair Center [http://www.circuitrework.com/general/features.shtml ]

Broken Traces in PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 01:44:19 EDT 2002 | kenbliss

This problem is the number one reason the electronics industry has moved the handling process of PC boards to the tray and tray cart handling process. It eliminates flexing of boards and therefore stops board damage ie. broken circuits and micro fra

Flex Circuits - Bend proximity spec

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 08:11:25 EDT 2010 | muarty

Is there a specification in relation to the proximity to features that a Flex circuit should or should not be bent? I am experiencing broken tracks on some flexible circuits which appear to be getting 'flexed' directly adjacent to a soldered joint in

Manncorp 384 pick and place issue emergency stop!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 22:59:34 EDT 2016 | ttheis

I had something similar to this on a different type of machine but it turned out to be a broken wire terminal connector at the switch causing intermittent connection. Often with safety circuits they are kept high and brought low or interrupted to dis

What problems will be encountered in subsequent PCB processing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 09:14:17 EDT 2018 | teresat2

When the PCB is finished, it must be mainly tested. Mark the broken plate of the short-circuit broken wire, or SMT may fix you later. In the case of Mosaic, the same location of the bad packaging together. Next is SMT welding commonly, want to look f

cp45fv-neo Emergency stop

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 28 17:24:28 EDT 2020 | stephendo

Did you check all the voltages and fuses? The second worst is when a machine is down for a while and it ends up being something basic. The worst is when it started as something basic and someone introduces a new problem. Also could there be any opti

Re: Broken capacitors

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 03 10:05:22 EST 2000 | Steven J

Greetings to all. We are currently experiencing cracking of the ceramic capacitors, on both primary and secondary sides of the PWB. The components range in size from 1206, 1210, to 1815s. The cracks do not appear to alter the electrical properties

I need urgently a zero voltage switch RS 305-800

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 08 06:45:33 EDT 2000 | Lu�

For investigation purposes I need to find urgently this integrated circuit(#2): RS 305-800. I do not know who is the manufacturer of this zero voltage switch. The RS components said to me that this switch is discontinued now. I have an scientific pro

Perforated Tabs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 14:53:28 EDT 2000 | Mike Demos

I'm looking for some design paramters for perforated tabs. These are the tabs that connect the circuit board to the break-away pannel material. I've never used these before, but I've seen some that have reportedly worked well. These tabs are ident

SOT 23 Rework Time

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 19 19:20:41 EST 2014 | comatose

That's a pretty vague question, especially if you count "ID" in the time. In a world where you have AOI or in circuit testing telling you which part has to go, limited thermal mass to contend with and decent equipment, I'd say thirty seconds. On my

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