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Touch or no touch-up

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 01:36:22 EST 2005 | brown

OK I am counting someone knowing this. True or False, if my touch-up operators touch-up the smt solder joints too many times will this make the joint weaker? if yes why? and what happens to my intermetalic layer? I have insisted if it looks good don

Burr Brown ICs bad solderability

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 05:40:48 EST 2008 | jandon

We have same problem with Burr Brown OPA277UA.

Hand Lotions

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 05 09:15:29 EST 2002 | Joshua Brown

Hey Steve, I would like a copy of the documentation you spoke of. You can email me a copy or send it by mail. My address is 7545 Rockville road Indianapolis Indiana 46214. My email is brown@nacc-mallory.com . Thanks for your help. Joshua Brown

Cleaning old built up flux residues from reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 11 13:58:32 EDT 2014 | proy

Have an older reflow oven which I need to clean up collected flux residues from the chain, mesh, intake/exhaust areas, slides etc heavy brown dust, likely water soluble residues, lots of polymerized brown resin as well.

thermocouple for profiling

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 20 20:16:39 EDT 2008 | joseph_gonzales16

you can u hi temp type the brown color.

Burr Brown ICs bad solderability

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 06:50:36 EST 2008 | caerleon

I always thought that the use of palladium was specifically for conductive epoxies!?!


Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 12:05:28 EST 2008 | markhoch

Oh don't worry, it'll be fine as long as you're wearing brown socks. ;)

Presence of Copper

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 13:52:01 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

"a brown precipitate" Now that's a term I understand.

Presence of Copper

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 17:51:05 EDT 2012 | kahrpr

a brown precipitate is something you get after eating a beefy bean burrito.

Imm Silver tarnish?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 18:28:29 EDT 2008 | blnorman

We have an immersion silver board that has a brown discoloration after processing. It's not flux residue, that normally doesn't cause this condition. Elemental analysis shows less than 1% sulfur, and I thought silver sulfide is more a black color.

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