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QFN Side fillet

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 20 14:55:55 EDT 2019 | davef

IPC-A-610F 8.3.13 Bottom Termination Components (BTC) ... Thermal plane void criteria shall be established between the manufacturer and user IPC-A-610F, 8.3.14 Components with Bottom Thermal Plane Terminations ... Thermal Plane Void Criteria -

Void under QFN TI LMZ20502SILT

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 27 09:47:20 EDT 2018 | davef

Adding to Rob's suggestions ... One of the theories about voiding in thermal / ground pads of BTC is: Solder starts melting at the edge of the pad and moves inward towards the center of the solder mass. This traps flux volatilizes. So, there needs t

Best Lead Free Solder to use

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 01 15:13:22 EST 2011 | felixgutierrez

Hi Everyone. I would like your input in regards to lead free solder paste lead free. Which one is the most reliable solder for BGA's and BTC's (QFN). I have used different type of solder and on some of them i get big voids on BTC's and other one i g

QFN standoff, industry standard

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 04:32:49 EDT 2019 | pavel_murtishev

Charliem, Thank you for the input. Following this logic, in case if there are no soldering issues, pad coverage and voiding levels are within acceptable limits and a gap between BTC and pad let us say 200um, this could be accepted, right? IPC-A-61

Soldering under nitrogen atmosphere

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 16 13:53:52 EDT 2022 | yannick_herzog

Hello all, we use a reflow oven from Rehm in our SMT production. At the moment we solder under nitrogen atmosphere (approx. 500ppm). Now we want to reduce the nitrogen consumption (costs etc.). What consequences can occur here? Especially on the s

Voids with LGAs

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 14:39:07 EST 2013 | davef

Main issues with LGA voiding are: * Design * Material selection * Thermal recipe For design, loo here http://blogs.smtnet.com/smt/other/qfn-btc-design-guidelines-thermal-pads-etc/ BR, davef

IC Solder Voiding

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 11 07:05:28 EST 2019 | ameenullakhan

Hi, Below may help you out. per IPC 7093 ( Design and assembly Process Implementation for Bottom Termination Components ),Clause voids on thermal pad up to 50% does not result in loss of thermal performance. Since the void criteria is

Voiding in LGA (LT) soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 05:23:10 EDT 2010 | 15009

You can reduce and almost eliminate voids and other paste related defects in LGA's BGA's, QFN's etc, by using solid solder deposit. Its been around for 24 years, 13 in the US. It is now included in the new IPC 7093 specification for bottom terminat

QFN84 Solder Printing Issue (QFN with Inner LGA Pad)

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 02 10:23:47 EST 2017 | tomh

Have you ever heard of "Solder Mask Defined Thermal Pads"? I wrote a short blurb on this here - https://www.pcblibraries.com/forum/ipc7093a-btc-qfn-solder-mask-defined-thermal-pad_topic2154.html This technology saves fabrication costs by not havi


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