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BTU VIP 98 Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 07:48:16 EDT 2007 | brendansales

Hi there, Does your computer has a product key (USB) by any chance? there are some units that requires a USB key. alternatively you can check if the controller has been opened before (you can check if the sticker has been torn), or you can try swit

BTU VIP 98 oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 05:15:45 EDT 2005 | blueflag

Help Please could anyone advise when we run shutdown after 45 mins it should shut off . But we are still left with conveyor running also fans . regards Colin

BTU VIP 98 oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 22:01:56 EDT 2005 | KEN

run shutdown.rcp after 45 minutes computer will load shutoff.rcp. Is this file not being loaded? If yes, then you have not defined the shutoff event in the scheduler. Poke around in the scheduler. Or check out the software manual. someone probab

BTU VIP 98 Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 20:26:18 EDT 2007 | marcelll

Thanks for the help guys. I found that serial port 2 was bad on the computer. Not able to change it to com 1 in the config. Seems to be protected by a factory password. So I had to change the computer and reload the software. It's working now. Thank

BTU VIP 98 Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 01 19:44:49 EDT 2007 | marcelll

Just bought a used VIP 98 and I have an alarm. Computer don't communicate with the embedded controler of the oven. I've check the cabling, OK, and there's power on the controler. The PC is booting normally. The controler is plug in the serial port 2

BTU VIP 98 Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 10:01:15 EDT 2007 | chrisgriffin

I once had a similar problem on a VIP98. The problem was with the FCU (furnace control unit). There was a burned IC on the lower left of the card. I don't remember what kind of part it was, only that it was very common and I got a new one from Dig

VIP 98 Alarm

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 12:12:18 EST 2007 | Claude_Couture

in very rare occasion I had problems with BTU ovens, I contacted BTU directly and they were always helpful.

Oil for BTU Pyramax 98 oiler

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 14:25:34 EST 2017 | eslavine

Hello. Just called btu and they recommend BIRAL BIO-30. Couldn't find any distributor in Canada. Do you know any equivalent? Thanks


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 07:22:42 EST 2008 | janz

Hello, I am looking for operation& service manual for reflow oven BTU VIP98 with air cooling and nitrogen. Thank you for any help. janz

BTU VIP98 Leadfree Recipe

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 12:38:51 EDT 2006 | geb

7 zones. AIM solder SAC305.

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