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BTU VIP speed configuration

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 09:56:57 EDT 2021 | richardcargill

Update - Solved On talking with BTU they mentioned that if the conveyor is always running full speed then cleaning out the motor brush area with compressed air will cure it. I'm guessing that the carbon dust had encroached onto the encoder. A good b

BTU Pyramax 125N and 150N

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 21 14:32:52 EDT 2010 | remullis

These ovens maintain good profiling as long as you stay on top of maintenance. I had 4 150's and 1 125. The biggest headache is keep the plenums cleaned (very messy). Also the blower motors have been replaced a few times on them as well. If I were yo

BTU Paragon 150 Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 13:52:40 EDT 2005 | pr

We had 2 at my last company. As I recall we had a hell of a time with bad blower motors. I'm not sure how you'd check on that, but maybe that problem has been fixed by now (it's been a few years). good luck, pr

BTU Lid not close

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 24 11:56:24 EDT 2009 | stepheniii

I've had the relay that controls closing the lid go bad It's a solid state relay if I remember correctly. Are you talking about a motor driven lid? edit now I"m trying to remember if that place had conceptronic ovens and that's what I"m thinking of

Reflow oven reliability?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 08:51:43 EDT 2012 | donkudner

How often do you have to replace the blower motors? I will ask the oven manufacturers what the average MTBF is for their blowers. We have numerous BTU's and I don't think any of them have required replacement before 8 years (single shift). Once they

Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 19 15:38:03 EDT 2005 | chunks

Wow, all this BTU talk brings back bad BTU memories. Yes, the VIPs are good ovens, but the TRS series and Paragons were bad. TRS had air amplifiers - nuff said, while the Paragons had long spell of bad motor bearings because of design issues. Neve

BTU VIP70 help

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 13:58:57 EDT 2016 | ttheis

Hi everyone, We just picked up an old VIP70 oven and it is in need of more maintenance than we were told when we bought it so I'm working on a few issues. The main thing right now is linking the FCU controller to the PC. I've tried using both seria

Flason SMT Products

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 03 23:59:44 EDT 2018 | gaintstar

Flason SMT problem solving: http://www.flason-smt.com/new/PRINCIPLE-OF-SURFACE-MOUNT-PROCESS-SMT-PROCESS.html http://www.flason-smt.com/new/Printed-Circuit-Board-PCB-Price-Estimator.html http://www.flason-smt.com/new/Printed-Circuit-Board-Solder-res


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