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BTU Paragon 150n

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 16:46:34 EDT 2023 | ttheis

#40 or #41 are very common chain types.

BTU Paragon 150n

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 16:28:05 EDT 2023 | previnmoore

I need to replace the chain for the drive chain tension and i cant figure out the size. Any help would be appreciated thanks

BTU Paragon 150 Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 19 13:24:05 EDT 2005 | cyber_wolf

OK guys here is the skinny..... We need an oven that can handle lead free temps without slowing the belt speed under 28 or so in. per min. BTU tells me that they don't recommend an oven that maxes any less than 350 C. Is anyone using a paragon 150

BTU Paragon oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 13:29:13 EDT 2004 | marcelll

We just received a new BTU Paragon oven here but it's not working because it's seam to have missing files. Is somebody here can send me a copy of the Wincon version 2.00F so I will be able to reload it. Thanks for your time

BTU -Paragon 150

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 10 08:17:21 EDT 2010 | nagesh

Dear All, I have a problem with the BTU-paragon -150 reflow oven,with the heaters getting off with Overtemperature Alaram. But the actual temperature on board not exceeding the 255 peak temp. Pls. advice & thx in advance for your sincere postings. R

BTU Paragon 150 Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 04:28:31 EDT 2005 | Rob

Pyramax 150 is a low cost newer version of the Paragon 150, the Paragon is a newer version of the VIP. The VIP is great for lead free (as confirmed to us by BTU, who told us it was pointless upgrading that particular oven to a Pyramax). You may nee

BTU Paragon oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 17:40:28 EDT 2004 | grayman

BTU software is proprietary and does not intended for sharing. You have to buy it directly to BTU as it is individually configured to your machine.

BTU oven cooling fan

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 07:46:22 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

We have BTU oven150 paragon. Want to buy new cooling fan with mettal blade Part number is 5061761. Any supplier recommdation. Parts from BTU very expensive ajay

BTU -Paragon 150

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 12:01:27 EDT 2010 | tommyttr

One of the air temp sensors by the blower is bad. Unplug them and check each to find the defective one.


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 07 01:09:39 EDT 2011 | empac

Hello, Does anyone have a back up software CD for a BTU Paragon 98? Thank You. Bob

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