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BTU pyramax

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 03:34:49 EST 2011 | rpatel28364

Hi SMarts We have two BTU in company and we are facing rediculas problem with it. The problem is: When we flow SOD123 Devices though oven. Oven fans are blowing parts away. It is causing regular problems with assemblies. Anybody have idea to reduce f

BTU profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 20:54:48 EDT 2002 | davef

The major profiler companies [ie, KIC, ECD, etc] give away FREE Excel spread sheets that list everyone's oven and paste and allow you to input board characteristics and then it suggests a profile. Go get one.

BTU profile

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 10:42:36 EDT 2002 | soupatech

I thank you, my company thanks you, my boards thank you and my kids thank you (they will still get to eat if I get this right)

BTU profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 13:46:54 EDT 2002 | soupatech

Hello again.... I have been reading up on profiles and how to set them up for different results. I now have an upcomming job with some strict guidlines on reflow. I was wondering... if I were to email a pic of my desired profile could someone out the

oven profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 12:30:55 EST 2009 | thanh

hi all! i have a 5 zone BTU (V70) have it set up at 120, 150, 180, 190, 230 and 22 IPM. but i having 1 here 1 there 0402 tomstone, need advise how to set up the best profile to avoid tomstone. i'm using INDIUM 6.3 W.S lead paste. thank you.

Reflow oven profile

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 02 10:11:01 EST 2016 | tombstonesmt

We successfully accomplish this on almost every product we have using our BTU Ovens.

5 zone oven profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 05 03:16:45 EDT 2011 | grahamcooper22

one of my customers with a BTU VIP 70 has the following settings, 100 / 175 / 210 / 250 / 265 with conveyor speed of 18 ins per minute. They get a peak temp of 240~245C and time above liquidus of 220 C is @ 55 secs. Built in thermocouples should give

Pin Hole Issue after Reflow Soldering - Passive Components

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 13 05:11:58 EST 2018 | ameenullakhan

Hi, We are using 10+2 reflow oven ( BTU Pyramax 150 ). We have tried with short TAL ( RTS profile too ). As of Now we are using the attached profile, which has given us lot better results. But the issue is not eliminated. Thanks

Incomplete reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 18:16:43 EDT 2014 | garym4569

We are in the process of launching a new product and found reflow solder issue with one of the inductors. I have set oven profile to paste specifications. I just finished profiling with thermocouple under problem component. All other components ex

High Melting Point Solder with alloy composition of 93.5 Pb 5 Sn 1.5 Ag

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 25 02:57:43 EDT 2014 | arjunkolavara

We are in the process of qualifying our SMT lines for the High Melting Point Solder with alloy composition of 93.5 Pb 5 Sn 1.5 Ag.If any one has already an experience with this alloy,kindly do give ur inputs on the process of profiling . The reflow d

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