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Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 22:04:31 EST 2016 | comatose

No, it isn't. Last year I paid mid fifties for a brand new 8 zone BTU. Air only, belt and rails, not a lot of bells and whistles. There isn't a ton to a reflow oven and the chinese ones have gotten pretty decent, which pushes the price down for eve

Heller Oven rails warping

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 08:52:24 EST 2013 | emeto

Currently having Elecrtovert and BTU - no problems with both. Before use to have Vitronics aand Heller - and no problems with the rails. However I had other problems with Heller which makes me think that they are going deeper with the bad quality par

Re: SPC Data Entry System

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 08:33:07 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| My company is looking to perform "real time" statistical process control on our current SMT operations. I have identified the critical processes for SPC but have not had much luck in finding a system(s) that can monitor the required processes for m

Low cost prototyping machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 24 04:04:43 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi, Sorry, should have been more specific. We're looking for one of those benchtop/very small footprint machines to go with a support rail hand printer & benchtop reflow for our design lab to use for low volume prototypes. Something you can plug i

Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 06:04:39 EDT 2005 | Rob

It depends on a number of factors - including as Russ pointed out, complexity (sometimes you need to create very complex profiles if you have large BGAs and other such components, which require at least 7 heated zones), then you have size, required l

Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 18 12:23:04 EDT 2005 | DannyJ

To the Heller question... I have had a few minor bad experiences with Heller. On the 1800 series, redid the movable rail section, which required complete disassembly of the offload end of the oven. A little bit of forethought in design may have ha

Re: Reflow oven feedback

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 02:50:33 EST 1998 | Scott McKee

| I am currently evaluating some different reflow ovens | for a future purchase. The manufacturers we are | looking at are Conceptronic, BTU, and Heller. Any | feedback on these manufacturers would be welcome. | I am particularly interested in: | 1

672 PBGA on PC Card .015 thick pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 17:44:30 EDT 2001 | aaelect

OK, OK. 672 ball BGA. The pcbs are PC Card bus size and are .015 thick. There are 3 on a panel with about 1/2" between and rails. The aluminum plates are about 3" by 7". There are 3 cutouts which allow for the parts from either side to protrude du

A few more things

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 04:34:09 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

No this message isn't about my triumphant return. It's not even about that lady I wanted to run away with to Mehico (who were you again). It's about progress and some of you might be interested, or not. 1) For DEKheads, I submit we had two of Britai

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 21:39:48 EDT 2015 | jlawson

Reflow.. 1.Rehm (Germany) - Best in Class Best overall process stability heating system ( Alot of makers have started to copy there VX heating arrangement ). COnveyor chains can be a bit more attention in terms of maintenance on rehm , but if foll

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