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BTU Lid not close

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 06:10:32 EDT 2009 | thanhnguyen

BTU ( VIP70A) lid will not close, during the weekend, we pop up to clean and vaccum, after done, try to close the lid, but not work. any input will be helpful. thanks

Repair a BTU VIP70 or buy a new HELLER??

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 09 15:00:59 EST 2006 | jwentz

Shipping might be an issue for you but I have a VIP70A in storage that is roughly the same vintage but in really good shape for $5000. We pulled it from service last year to bring in a more Pb-Free capable oven. We are still running a sister oven on

BTU -Paragon 150

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 18 12:56:06 EST 2009 | evertonsanches

Hello I had similar problem on VIP 70A. Try to check auxiliar contact from located into front panel. Everton - BRAZIL

BTU -Paragon 150

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 18 13:00:16 EST 2009 | evertonsanches

Dear All, > > I have a problem with the > BTU-Paragon 150 10 Zone Reflow Oven. Am not able > to lift the HOOD using the buttons on the Main > control panel. I have checked the Lift hood > switch & Ok. Pls. advice / Suggest. > > Thx in > advanc

BTU VIP speed configuration

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 09:56:57 EDT 2021 | richardcargill

Update - Solved On talking with BTU they mentioned that if the conveyor is always running full speed then cleaning out the motor brush area with compressed air will cure it. I'm guessing that the carbon dust had encroached onto the encoder. A good b

BTU VIP70 help

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 13:58:57 EDT 2016 | ttheis

Hi everyone, We just picked up an old VIP70 oven and it is in need of more maintenance than we were told when we bought it so I'm working on a few issues. The main thing right now is linking the FCU controller to the PC. I've tried using both seria

Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 19 15:38:03 EDT 2005 | chunks

Wow, all this BTU talk brings back bad BTU memories. Yes, the VIPs are good ovens, but the TRS series and Paragons were bad. TRS had air amplifiers - nuff said, while the Paragons had long spell of bad motor bearings because of design issues. Neve


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