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Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 07:22:42 EST 2008 | janz

Hello, I am looking for operation& service manual for reflow oven BTU VIP98 with air cooling and nitrogen. Thank you for any help. janz

BTU VIP98 Leadfree Recipe

Electronics Forum | Wed May 24 12:38:51 EDT 2006 | geb

7 zones. AIM solder SAC305.

BTU VIP98 Oven refuses to start

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 02 08:22:08 EST 2007 | realchunks

Wow, didn't know I had to be an "expert" to post here.

BTU VIP98 Oven refuses to start

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 11:29:27 EST 2007 | fastek

Lars demands proof the battery was at fault and still insists that Chunks is no expert.

BTU VIP 98 Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 07:48:16 EDT 2007 | brendansales

Hi there, Does your computer has a product key (USB) by any chance? there are some units that requires a USB key. alternatively you can check if the controller has been opened before (you can check if the sticker has been torn), or you can try swit

BTU VIP98N Install

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 21 12:52:51 EST 2009 | ryanmiller

I need to find someone that can do an install and general training for a BTU VIP98N, in the Cleveland area, quickly. Please let me know if you or someone you are familiar with can provide that service. Thank you. Ryan Miller 214-403-7886 rmiller@d

VIP98 fault

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 10 05:45:09 EST 2009 | muarty

Anyone, We have a fault on our BTU VIP98 reflow oven. At present NONE of the zones are heating up, even though all the SSR's appear to be working and we have voltage at the elements and the fans are all working. Anyone got any pointers? Thanks in ad


Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 11:40:32 EDT 2010 | ccouture

Have you contacted BTU? They will be able to supply you with the setup files of your oven if you provide them with the serial #. Did you buy the oven used?


Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 21:07:22 EDT 2005 | KEN

This is caused by cte mis-match. The balls in the corners are short and fat. The balls near the null point are tall and more normalized. I don't remember what the zone settings were... BTU VIP98 BS was probably 22-25 IPM

BTU VIP 98 oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 05:15:45 EDT 2005 | blueflag

Help Please could anyone advise when we run shutdown after 45 mins it should shut off . But we are still left with conveyor running also fans . regards Colin

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