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Cutting and drilling of PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 17 02:39:30 EDT 2000 | Gonul Ozden

I'm looking for an information about cutting and drilling operations of PCB.Could you advise me to a souce to find out the tools,operation and test.Thanks for your help!

Re: Cutting and drilling of PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 20:22:48 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Gonul: Are you looking for information on "cutting and drilling operations of PCB" on: * PCB fabrication � OR * PCA assembly

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 04:27:00 EST 2016 | crystalpcb

Hi Here is our factory production capability: Shenze Electronic PCB Specification Layer Count 1 to 35 Layers Material Brand Shengyi,KB,GRACE,ISOLA,Rogers,Taconic,ARLLON,Bergquist Base Material FR-4(TG135,TG150,TG170,TG180),Halogen Free FR-4,Ceramic

Which kind of supplier should I choose for pcb fabrication?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 05 05:07:51 EDT 2017 | heros_electronics

Hi Claire, Is it a 4G smart phone? Generally, 4G pcb board is HDI pcb with laser drilling and small line width and space, and not all PCB suppliers can manufacture because HDI PCB has special requirements for equiment, and small factory can not

672 PBGA on PC Card .015 thick pcb

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 17:44:30 EDT 2001 | aaelect

OK, OK. 672 ball BGA. The pcbs are PC Card bus size and are .015 thick. There are 3 on a panel with about 1/2" between and rails. The aluminum plates are about 3" by 7". There are 3 cutouts which allow for the parts from either side to protrude du

Is there some general file format for chip placement on pcb

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 07 09:34:31 EST 2003 | Rodion

Hello, I am writing a software that deals with chip placement on PCB and I would like to know if there is some standart way to describe what are the coordinates of the chips on the pcb, I know that Gerber file contains all the drill holes and tracks,

Pcb Drill Hole as Fiducial

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 08:35:15 EST 2018 | tsvetan

Depends a lot of PCB manufacturer and how good is the registration of the films to drills and what is drill precision etc. General rule is that components are placed on the copper layer pads, so copper fiducial is aligned with same accuracy as the pa

Looking for PCB Drill Suppliers

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 30 02:24:00 EDT 2004 | hucom

I need some PCB Drills, any suggestion on this?

Pcb Drill Hole as Fiducial

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 15:23:28 EST 2018 | dleeper

Proper fiducials are going to be more accurate than drill holes. Since drilling is a separate step in the PCB fab process, the registration to the PCB isn't as accurate as the copper etching process which forms the fiducials. In a pinch, it can be u

Gerber Data Drill Holes

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 01:32:56 EST 2006 | tk380514

I need to change Drill holes sizes in a PCB from 0.6mm to 0.55mm. Do it need to change anything else other than the Drill hole size in the INfo section of the Gerber file, for example do i also need to change the artwork of the other layers if the dr

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