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Mechanical stripper for fine magnet wire

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 21:50:47 EDT 2003 | davef

We like to use "enameled wire" that can be stripped by hot solder. Formvar [105�C] will not do that. Formvar was designed to with stand the hot oil seen in transformers. So, it requires either chemical or mechanical stripping. Most polyurethanes

Re: Printed Circuit Board Material

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 18 16:41:35 EDT 2000 | Dave F

It's unrealistic to think that two materials with the following disperant properties would have the same reflow profile. From http://www.norplex.com/Carrier.htm Physical Properties / NEMA FR-4 / NEMA CEM-1 Glass transition temperature �C / 130 / 10

Gold Surface Finish on PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 14 07:34:33 EST 2005 | davef

Mike Ozzy If I came to your house, I wouldn't punch you. I'd make you buy me beer. Vern Solberg; Tessera Technologies Inc., 3099 Orchard Dr, San Jose, CA 95134; 408 568 3734 F408 894 0768 vsolberg at tessera dot com. If that doesn't work try: Tes

Re: Where's Earl Moon ?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 04:23:50 EDT 2000 | Earl Moon

Hey folks, I'm on your side, as I said many times in this string. To end it, from my point of view, I will offer the following diatribe with which I responded to one of you whom I respect very much - Dave F. This is my last say on the subject and I


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