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cab Maestro 2M De-Panelizer

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 10:32:11 EST 2008 | muarty

D.A.T.E. electronic supplies supply spare parts for all Cab Maestro depanelling

cab Maestro 2M De-Panelizer

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 05:41:27 EST 2008 | leeg

Does anyone know of any UK based company that supplies spares/blades for the above machine?

cab Maestro 2M De-Panelizer

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 11:39:10 EST 2008 | pbarton

Try Tarvet Electronics: Bothwell Road Castlehill Industrial Estate Carluke, ML8 5UF Tel: 01555 751566 sales@tarvet.com

Depanelling scoring groove PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 08 22:55:01 EDT 2014 | padawanlinuxero

Hola Beto Here we use this one CAB MAESTRO 3E it's ok does the job well and both blades can take a beating before need to change them. http://www.cab.de/en/electronics/pcb-separators/maestro-3e/ Saludos Beto

pcb separator

Electronics Forum | Tue May 15 12:14:25 EDT 2001 | brownsj

If the boards are pre-scored, I've used a system called the CAB Maestro which I found to be a very cost effect piece of equipment. www.cabtechn.com Steve.

Re: Looking for PCB Depanelizer

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 08 07:50:12 EDT 1998 | Joachim Komus

| I was at the Southcon show in Orlando and saw a PCB depanelization machine which was basically a rotary saw which cut through the scoring on the panel. I don't remember the name of the company though so I can't get any info on this. Does anyone k

Mechanical Delamination at de-panel

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 02 15:03:05 EDT 2014 | clydestrum

Background on the PCB: Thickness: .032" Material: Standard Fr4 V-score: Leaves .016" (approx .008" cuts on either side) We are having some issues on these boards where the edges are delaminating all the way to the copper during de-panel. Now, we are


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