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LSM Cable

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 21:10:06 EST 2003 | Dean

ohm out a sandard 25 pin d-sub. Make wire diagram. do the same to the lsm cable. If same, use standard cable. If different, buy cable and solder lug d-sub connectors and make your own cable. couple hours work.

Cable vendors

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 15:02:40 EST 2006 | gipos

Be carefull with cables, specialy ribon/IDCs. We have had big problems with cables. Mike Gipos


Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 21 01:35:23 EST 2008 | dman97

Hi All, I was wondering if anybody knows if the com cables to the Fuji machines are standard DB9 to DB25 cables. I am trying to setup a CP6 machine to the Flexa server, but my cables dont seem to be working. Can anyone help?

Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 21 23:08:03 EDT 2008 | dman97

Hi, Does anyone know what kind of cable the thinline profiler uses? I recently acquired one of these profilers, but it came with no cables. I went out and bought a female to female serial cable, but it did not work. It will not communicate with my P

Cable Potting

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 05 13:42:05 EST 2002 | dougt

We have been using a silicone encapsulated, high flex, flat cable for a short time now and have not been succusfull in terminating it to connectors with shell housings designed for round cable. Our solution thus far has been to leave the housing off

Cable for UIC 6348A

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 04:30:38 EST 2005 | sasha

Has anyone the scheme of cable for connection UIC 6348A to PC?

Cable vendors

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 22 10:27:53 EST 2005 | Larry

Try WestOak Industries in Erick, Oklahoma for Specialty cables. email-lwatts@westoakindustries.com

SM421 Vision problem

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 27 03:13:09 EDT 2016 | tsvetan

replace the cable, this happens when cable is broken

LSM Cable

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 11:31:24 EST 2003 | russ

Does anybody out there know what type cable is used for the controller cable on an LSM large model circa 1996? Is it a standard 25 pin D-Sub? This is the cable that goes from the XY Axis line box to the controller. I have contacted Cyberoptics and t

Starrflex Cable to PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 08 08:39:40 EST 2005 | ingrid_john

I have received an RFQ to assemble 3 PCBA assemblies, interconnected with flexible starrflex cable tails. We have never used this type of cable in our process to date and I was wondering if there is anyone who has knowledge of assembling starrflex ca

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