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assembly with/without TH components

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 09 17:37:00 EST 2018 | tozitom

The truth is that TH will give you better > mechanical stability. If it is a part where you > risk strip off the pads of SMT connector, don't > make this transition to SMT. If it is a one time > cable plug there and there will be not too much >

DEK API Camera Vision issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 09 14:41:55 EST 2018 | bsyeo

Hi All, Need some help on this. We have a strange problem with our Dek API. There is no camera vision but everything is able to initialize well. The vision works occassionally but most of the time it does not. We have checked the nextmove card, int

How to install FBGA ICs on both sides of Flex boards with no stiffeners ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 09 16:51:39 EDT 2018 | tey422

A good set of fixtures are what you need to get it done right. Since we are in the same area, I would recommend give ATD (Advance Tooling Design)a try, they located in San Jose. We been using fixtures from them for years. We build thousands of Fle

Looking for spare SMT Parts for solder training

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 18:15:06 EDT 2018 | mdrouin

Hi, I work for a Cable and Harness contract manufacturer. I have started offering soldering classes to some of the employees but because we do not build circuit boards, I don't have any material for them to practice with. I was able to get a few ba

Topaz conveyor not working

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 05 09:11:11 EST 2019 | slayervv

The conveyor on our Topaz runs for about a second then stops. Turning on conveyor manually does the same thing. While conveyor is turned on manually, disconnecting and reconnecting 208AC at connection board starts the conveyor for a second then it

Fuji CP 642 Communication Cables with Flexa

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 11:09:29 EDT 2019 | BigFuji642

Yes we have the hard copy of the proper data on a floppy disc. If we do not have the correct Proper Data, could it give me the error below? I was thinking it would make it past the log onto machine comm server stage, and then have a different err

Fuji CP 642 Communication Cables with Flexa

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 19 13:19:25 EDT 2019 | BigFuji642

I have not imported the data to Flexa yet. I will have to find a floppy drive. You mentioned below converting the proper data using a MCS. I thought MCS stood for Machine Communication Server. Does it mean something else? How do we convert it us

Quad 4c not placing components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 04 12:01:59 EDT 2019 | slthomas

My recollection of the 4c is fuzzy but I know that there's a ribbon cable on the head that gets some abuse when the head rotates. Seems like mine would eventually break at the crimps and I had to replace it a few times. Eventually I bought the parts

Quad qsv1 plus

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 03:50:37 EST 2020 | falconex_technician

Hi, my company bough second hand pick and place as our second machine. After first transport after start just when initializing, It's showing problem with Z calibration. After second position setup and connect again after month, now showing &

F-MOT-MSETDYN Theta/12: No axis movement detected by transducer

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 07 11:06:50 EST 2020 | rgduval

Start by checking cables. Odd that the C-motor would initialize, but, then, theta fails when you move the Z-motor. Sounds like something's got a loose connection somewhere. Possibly in the connector going into the C-motor. If that's a no-go, try

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