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CSM Technical Question

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 18:07:53 EDT 2007 | jmelson

Oh, wait a minute. I have the complete control box from a CSM 66 III machine, Philips type 1306/40. That's the first one with the AC servo motors. The older ones had a stack of boards connected with masses of cables, the 1306/40 and later had a ba

Super Mole Thinline RS232 Cable

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 25 13:40:37 EDT 2008 | flipit

If you know a little about electronics, you can probably figure it out. Or just buy one from Mole. Do you have software? More than likely you will have receive, ground, and transmit. Open up the Mole if you can and look for the RS232 chips(Max232

Mydata TP-11 Small X not working

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 26 08:51:40 EDT 2009 | avalancher

Hi Sr. First suggestion is to call Mydata's phone support. With that said... Here is some ideas of what you could check: 1. Do you have power at the XWB board connector going to the motor (xxwm connector)? 2. Do you have power coming through the bl

XP142E R AXIS Servo Error

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 05 02:34:19 EDT 2009 | martinphill

check R-axis mechanical backlash... After checking R Axis Backlash, Coupling. If still the Problem continues. We have the same issues & when we asked Jagadeesh Rajagopalan , he suggested following action item Check the servo Error display. If it i

Meridian 1030 failures

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 06:15:39 EDT 2009 | bobpan

First thing to do is make sure the y-axis encoder scale is clean. Usually on these machines you can view the status of the read head or there is a led on the cable from the read head that will let you know if it is working correctly. Green means its

Quad IVc limit error

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 19 14:58:05 EDT 2011 | rdoss

The ribbon cable would be my guess. I ran a IVc for about 3 years and we use to have to change out our cable at least once per year. I also wanted to add that you can contact Precision Placement Machines (PPM) for parts and service. We use to use


Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 10:15:07 EST 2012 | vinitverma

Forgot to mention. To disable the LCS you need to disable it in the machine config - by changing Tray Changer to NONE. Of course for this you will need the password which is "specialist". After setting this in the software, you also need to remove t

Assembleon Topaz X

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 05:48:36 EDT 2012 | vinitverma

Dear Chris, N2324 and N2325 are for nozzle down sensors. THese sensors are located on the left and right side of the left and right walls of the head assembly respectively. There are very small holes in the walles through which these sensors transmi

Flex Cable

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 13:43:12 EST 2014 | rgduval

Jorge, Your description of the process sounds about right. A fixture to hold the flex cable taut (and in a repeatable location) that allows you to paste/place/reflow is essential. As for notes: Be hyper aware of moisture/humidity in regards to

Quad 4C MK2, Z axis drift

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 06:12:32 EDT 2015 | bobpan

The first thing to do is to change the z-rod. Sometimes a very old z-rod spring will weaken causing it to reject many parts. If it only rejects parts after a nozzle change....you may need to put some super lube grease on the O-rings on the bottom of

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