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MYDATA HYDRA Z/156 error on Hardware Intialization.

Mar 3, 2020 | I swapped out the cable with no luck. The Hydra Z controller is the board on the right side of the H

F-MOT-MSETDYN Theta/12: No axis movement detected by transducer

Feb 14, 2020 | From what I remember, shut off machine, unplug cable/hose, unscrew 4 screws and the head is out.

Issue with MYDATA MY19 "Transducers do not agree"

Feb 13, 2020 | I checked it and there is no problem with the lubrication the cables are in good condition. The band

EKRA E5 X20b port

Jul 29, 2019 |

DEK Hawkeye Problems

Jun 22, 2019 |

CP45 Conveyor direction

Jun 20, 2019 | It been a long time. You need special conversion cables, the board stop has to be changed and you h

DEK 265 Horizon

Feb 21, 2019 |

DEK 265LT problem

Aug 2, 2018 |

DEK 265LT problem

Aug 1, 2018 |

DEK 265LT problem

Jul 31, 2018 |

DEK 265LT problem

Jul 30, 2018 |

Universal Axial Model 6287A communication

Mar 5, 2018 | Without a known good Executive and a known good battery and a known good Comm cable, card swapping /


Dec 5, 2017 |

GSM1 Y Axis Limit Switch

May 2, 2017 |

MPM Momentum Vision issue

Aug 26, 2016 | Hi, anybody facing the vision 'off' error when using MPM Momentum ?? i change the purple vision cabl

DEK Galaxy CAN Node Not Responding Error

Jun 1, 2016 | CAN Node Not Responding This problem can be caused by either: 1. Faulty Node 2. CAN bus cable disc

SM421 Vision problem

Mar 25, 2016 |

DekLink 249 Software

Feb 19, 2016 |

Noisy LCD monitors on GSM1

Nov 24, 2015 | This looks like faulty VGA card (the one from which VGA cables come out) in the VME rack. They are

MPM UP100 vision fault

Nov 17, 2015 |

Mydata theta problem

Sep 18, 2015 | Thanks, have checked the vacuum tube and ribbon cables. They seem to look ok. Theta motor seems to b

Mydata theta problem

Sep 17, 2015 |

Fuji CP642 Hardware NG issue

Apr 16, 2014 | My first guess, loose wire or bad cable. Email me and I will send you a checklist.

please help identify a component...

Jul 15, 2013 | The connector for the flex cable? Start here:


May 16, 2013 | This might be a cable. It is not broken all the way - that's why you don't get the error all the tim

Mydata (TP9-2U) problem

May 7, 2013 |


Jan 29, 2013 | We do sell the cables that will connect your conveyor to the Fuji CP 42. Contact Larry in our parts


Jan 27, 2013 |


Dec 19, 2012 |

MYDATA My9 Theta error

Nov 20, 2012 | Well before you totally give up on the midas head, you may wanna try changing out the ffx board/cabl

MYDATA My9 Theta error

Nov 13, 2012 |

transducers out of sync error, Mydata TP-11

Feb 28, 2012 | Replace both of the big X-wagon ribbon cables to start with. You always have to rule those out befo

Quad 2C

Nov 9, 2011 |

Quad IVC Motor Error 4

Jul 6, 2011 | i have seen bad motor cables cause the can ohm them out to the driver cards or if y

Quad IVc Laser Align Extents

May 7, 2011 | Thanks for the suggestion, Bobpan. I'll start looking for a replacement coax cable. Would we be be

Need Help Operating CSM84VZ

Jan 7, 2011 | Tom, I got the the files, now i will make the cable and try it out. did you find the floppy driv

Mydata TP11-UFP won't initialize

Jan 6, 2011 | Thanks for this detail. The X wagon responds as per the instructions here so I'll give the cables a

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