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PCB assembly bow and twist

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 27 16:26:30 EST 2013 | davef

I expect to find the specification and measurement method for the bow & twist of an assembly to be on the assembly drawing. Comments are: * Expecting that an industry committee to write a bow & twist spec for an assembly they know nothing about is n

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 06 09:53:59 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

GEOMETRIC DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING (GDT) Using and applying GDT to printed circuitry and assemblies is very much like applying it to any other design for manufacturing (DFM) or design for assembly (DFA) requirement using concurrent engineering (C

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 09:33:25 EST 2005 | davef

RoHS Substance||RoHS MCV Limits||Typical Testing Approaches Lead||1000 ppm* ||Wet chemical digestion followed by ICP (Inductively coupled plasma) or AAS (atomic absorption) spectroscopy ||||XRF (X-ray fluorescence) spectroscopy Cadmium||100 ppm ||Wet

Pick and Place vs CAD File

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 14:01:23 EDT 2017 | slthomas

In my experience the main advantage of the ASCII CAD format is that it combines the centroid data, rotations, and package information for your CAM software (at least it does for what we use) to draw the part shapes into the visual assembly aids. If

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 15:20:18 EDT 2001 | stmerkt

The press release attached below provides some insight into the direction Tyco is planning to head with the Automation Group. For Immediate Release Tyco Electronics Expands Automation Group; Offers Quad Systems Assembly Equipment Quad Systems

ultra low cost pick and place?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 12 19:48:47 EDT 2010 | bootstrap

I like what you're doing. 20 years ago anyone, hobbyists and tiny garage-shop companies could create electronics devices just as sophisticated and cool as big corporations. Today, SMT has largely trashed the creativity (and competition) that existe


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