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Toe Fillets

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 09 07:51:31 EST 2004 | cal

DWZEEK-Nicely put. I agree. cal

Hand Soldering Standard Temperatures

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 18 15:07:25 EST 2002 | cal

ACI (www.aciusa.org) Does have a real time SPC interface for soldering Irons. MSM product. Provides you with soldering temp, dwell time and other useful info. This is key if needed to track process closely Cal

tape and reel machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 14:10:24 EDT 2001 | cal

I am confused. You are using pressure sensitive tape. the pessure sensitive tape i have seen does not use cover tape.The pressure sensitive tape I am familiar with is called "Surftape" could you provide some more clarification?? Surftape is more co


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 19 15:11:30 EST 2004 | cal

www.smema.org Machine Interface Standard http://www.smema.org/smema1.2.pdf Here is where you can find Machine cable/ connector information as well as timing and interface Schemetic. I would contact Universal for the machine interface connection spe

Machine feeder setup reduction

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 14:25:33 EDT 2001 | cal

Most PIck and place manufacturers have off line feeder set up available. Dedicating common feeder types to one side and having the other side available for job specific is also an option. *****note dedicating feeders can effect your throughput num

SMD Double Splice Tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 09 07:49:28 EST 2004 | cal

We use Hoover Davis splice kit...they are located in NY State. www.hoverdavis.com

Out of Industry

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 14:28:26 EDT 2004 | caldon

Hello all- Just an FYI... I have taken a position causing me to leave the SMT/Electronics Manufacturing Industry. I will still be in Technology but geared more towards the service industry. Thanks for everyones help and enjoy... Cal cal_Driscoll@ho

Magnetized Support Block

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 19:51:20 EST 2002 | ianchan

Cal, Thanks!

Black fiducials

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 09:53:25 EDT 2004 | davef

We agree with Cal


Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 30 11:33:04 EDT 2000 | Walter

CAL Comp 34180 DIGITIZER Installation on MYDATA TP-11UFP Installed per set-up & installstion documents provided by CAL Comp. When trying to activate mouse get no result.

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