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false call rate calculation AOI

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 26 02:32:32 EDT 2010 | prinsisgarcee

how do i calculate false call rate? i got this equation = [over reject / (total solder joints + components) ] * 1000000 and i got a table which shows data like number of solder joints, components on panel, and number of false call, and the false

when should call for vibratory bowl feeder?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 09:49:44 EST 2011 | syjsoc

when should call for vibratory bowl feeder?

SMD Double Splice Tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 05 08:19:01 EST 2003 | stefwitt

if you wish, I could call the German vendor and ask for an US distributer. My e-mail: stefwitt@netzero.net My information may be outdated, but I would call: Tesa-Steier in Hamburg, Germany. Part# 3.0740.00 Call 011 49 41214730

A Standard for Electronic Componets Discription

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 13:45:20 EDT 2000 | Paul Wright

A portion of our business is quick turn prototypes. The difficult part of doing this effectively is component descriptions. One customer will call a component SSOP-20, another will call his SSOP-20 but the lead pitch will be different, another wil


Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 12 09:29:59 EST 2002 | BLN

I'm revising a PC board spec and Mil-P-13949 is called out in the previous rev. This spec has been cancelled and as such should not be called out in the revision (if you call out a cancelled spec in another spec, the supplier can't be held to the re

Hallo, Hallo!!! Is that my cell or is it yours?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 21:14:08 EST 2003 | davef

We allow people in our shop to take calls on their cell phones any time they get a call, thinking that in case of an emergency they should be able to respond to their family's need for help. We ask that people close their calls that do not require i

PCBA Cleaning rags

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 16:40:51 EDT 2010 | waveroom

I would not call them rags but would call them lint free wipes. They are 100% cotton twill wipes. That means they won't leave a residue even when wiping thruhole components, you would think they would tear but they don't. Most high quality jeans are

AOI False call rate vs defect rate PPM

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 19 14:40:58 EDT 2024 | davidk

Hello Carl, Thank you for your comment Obviously, we are evolving and debugging our test to get the best results ("no escapes no false calls") :) and using a combination of 3D and 2D tests. With the previous AOI, we had a much higher false call rate,

low volume /semi-automatic solutions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 10:02:48 EDT 2003 | caldon

Russ- You are correct!! Manncorp is not an OEM, but they do have exclusive North American rights to certain Product lines. OEP is better named Original Equipment Provider. I do disagree with you though on the service issue. Siemens Has a problem th

AOI False calls

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 19 15:12:11 EDT 2009 | sys_steven

What model?

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