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Camalot needles

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 02:35:23 EST 2005 | Hannu

Hi guys Does anybody know of any second source for Camalot XyFlexPro needles, apart from Speedline? We have had problems with footed needles with the foot coming off as the glue that is supposed to hold it in place gets broken. Also it would be inte

Asymtek vs. Camalot

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 23 02:56:59 EST 2005 | Hannu

Hi all Can somebody share their experiences on the Asymtek DispenseJet systems? I am not interested in sales rep talk, I want to hear real-life facts. Mainly things like maintenance intensity (is that the expression?) and if there are any issues wit

Camalot dispenser

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 08:55:09 EDT 2005 | pjc

Gemini is dot machine only, no lines, circles, etc.... The model 5000, 1818 and XyFlex Pro can do all. http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/index.aspx


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