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AOI brightness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 05:09:41 EDT 2002 | mattiasw

I am running a VisionPoint AOI equip. from DiagnoSYS, and I have a question regarding the calibration of brightness on the cameras. When I run system Calibration to check the camra brightness I should have the following values: Cam#1=126 Cam#2=126

X outs

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 14:05:12 EDT 2002 | Bordiky

I've been reading the forum here for a few weeks and found some helpful material from talented individuals. Now, I have a question(s). I'm looking into different alternatives for doing X outs. Right now I'm familiar w/ two of them:1. Bad Board Mar

SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 00:02:09 EDT 2002 | fastek

Malcolm- Again, I point out that assembling a notebook is very different than building a sophisticated screen printer. As far as sourcing parts, I'd bet that nothing in an MPM printer is made in China at the moment. So that means MPM will have to


Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 12 13:11:47 EDT 2002 | pjc

I am not a DEK user but have some knowledge of the ELA to share. The ELA has some structural differences with the Horizon and Infinity models. It is DEK's low-end automatic printer (a cost-reduced version of the Horizon model)and is manufactured in C

Where do I Start?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 14:35:47 EDT 2002 | bobm

I have been in smt for about 4 yrs. I would say you need to evaluate what type of components you are going to place. How many boards your orders will be for. I use Quad pick and place equipment. These are all around good machines for placing everythi

Rating SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 14 17:10:48 EDT 2002 | burb1999

I have programmed/operated all but the siemens... fuji-1 it is the fastest machine, and for high volume. Use also Unicam makes it easier to program. Now Im just talking the CP, the IP im not to fond of use something like the universal... MYDATA-2

Fiducial Shapes---

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 13 11:21:19 EST 2002 | dphilbrick

Since you asked for more here is my $ .02. There are many different vision systems, camera and software combinations that will make each make and model machine work differently. For instance a 1999 Siplace machine might work best with a 1.5mm round F

Direct Chip Attached & Flip Chip

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 10 08:52:31 EST 2003 | nifhail

We are typical SMT subcontracting house. Recently I received RFQ for brds with DCA or Flip Chip technology. In our factory we only have typical SMT machines i,e Printer-HSP chipshooter-GSM IC placer-reflow oven. What are additional machines and pro

bulk feeding chips

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 07 17:13:59 EST 2003 | Stephen

I don't think it's possible for a turret machine, but I seem to remember some sales guy talking about a camera on his machine that did look at the part before it picked it up. As far as bulk feeding goes, how would you ensure the resistors are right

Quad Machines? Good Points / Bad Points

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 11:25:35 EDT 2003 | nad

Hi Jon, I recently had the opportunity to look over a used IIIc converted to a IVc. The documentation, software and spare parts supplied with the machine seem more than adequate, however, upon spending several hours cleaning, oiling, familiarizing,

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