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MPM AP25Hie Pre Board Stop error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 27 09:28:35 EDT 2007 | rich7799

I have Mpm ap25hie, s/w ver 7.1a The problem I have is that the machine works fine until I teach or use the pre board stop function. As soon as I use this the machine will not load the pcb to the centre of the work nest. I can manually change boardst

MPM AP/A Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 07:38:01 EDT 2007 | chrispy1963

I never saw in any post if your machine uses the camera to find the board edge or if your machine uses the bottom front rail mounted board stop sensor. Also is this with only one particular job you run on this machine or is this happening with ALL

CP6-4000 nozzle centering errors?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 14:57:26 EDT 2008 | rodrigo

Hi all, Is it normal for some of the small nozzles to be rejected by the wide view camera? Every time I do a nozzle centering the narrow view camera shows green circles for nozzles 1,2,3,4. The larger ones (5 and 6) show the asterisk. The wide view c

Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 16:42:18 EDT 2010 | m79d

Hi jepoy + a very frazzled man thanks for your suggestions,here is how it went:- I found a couple of these VM1710 boards and tried one and still nothing. I really wanted to see if power was getting to the camera and anything coming out. I was loo

Yestech AOI experiences

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 04 09:27:25 EDT 2011 | rway

Software, software, software. It always seems to be related to any hardware issues we experience with our systems. Can you expound on "crash?" How does the software crash, what are the symptoms. Does it just lock up and become unresponsive, camer

Quad IVc pickup problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 20:54:25 EDT 2011 | veeckm

Hello, First of all I am new to the forum and surface mount machinery in general. The machine in question has a problem picking parts correcly. The main problem seems to be that the camera and actual head location is out of calibration? If I do a ru

Mirtec MV-3L

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 16:41:36 EST 2015 | royjulius

I have been reading an old Mirtec thread and in it a couple of guys mentioned that they have issues with their side view camera(s). I too have an issue with my east camera turning green at times. I'm not sure which channels our machine techs went thr

MYDATA - how to forse parts on Hydra head

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 12:33:30 EST 2017 | rgduval

If you haven't resolved this yet, I think you're going to want to go to either the part or the package (I'm not sure which one off hand), and make sure that the hydra heads/tools are selected for placement. You'll also want the vision set to the lin

Yamaha pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 02:57:53 EDT 2018 | rob

Yes I would, most of our old Yamaha machines (before 2005) will do 30-35 microns @ 3 sigma with the fine camera option. Our Jukis with His res camera's will hit it too. You should be OK with most things after 1997 with the right camera choice (whic

Re: Flip chip placer

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 15:53:05 EST 1998 | Tom Foley

I am looking for component placer that can handle not only smc but also flip chip C4. If there is any machine satisfying my request, please inform me. machine name , spec, and so on. Take a close look at the Philips ACM. The ACM is engineere

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