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Top camera inspection and side camera

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 04:02:18 EDT 2010 | manju2cool

Hi, I think concept of inspection through AOI is changing. I am struck in confusion.Because some manufacturer say 3D inspection, with 1+4 cameras is ultimate solution. Orbotech also came with 13 cameras at once!Now some say, all these are eyewashing

Top camera inspection and side camera

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 14:11:21 EDT 2010 | bigdaddysoy9

Manjunath, I prefer orthogonal systems. In my experience they are actually better at detecting coplanarity and HIP defects than multi camera systems. They are obviously limited, in that they can not inspect a component under another component, b

Top camera inspection and side camera

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 10:26:13 EDT 2010 | fishingfool

Manjunath The top camera will be used for probably 90-95% of your inspection needs. However, without side cameras that 5-10% of uninspected parts can be a real pain to manually verify. What you need to figure out is what is your product to inspe

GSM camera lens

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 17:36:29 EST 2008 | flipit

SWAG is right on the money. I had a 0.5 mil per pixel camera and a 1 mil per pixel camera. As you increase magnification your focal range goes down. So your part height becomes much more critical. Parts out of focus will be rejected to the dump b

GSM camera calibration.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 18:01:22 EDT 2011 | comatose

We had a camera die on one of our GSMs. I got a new camera, and it is working, but I need to either find a cal kit to rent for a day, or else if someone knows a reasonably accurate procedure to calibrate the new camera using the other upward looking

AOI side camera

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 29 10:20:29 EDT 2010 | CL

Good Morning Mark, I do not believe that you can group images from multiple cameras. You can save a camera image into the library but you would need to re-name the part number for the side camera if you have an image from the downward looking camera

Samsung fiducial camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 18:23:42 EDT 2017 | kahrpr

The fid camera is going bad.

HS60 component camera

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 21:01:05 EDT 2010 | globalsmtservices

Hi, We deal with Siemens Siplace parts and we have some cameras on stock. Please let us know if you still need a camera and I will send you a list with some of the ones we have and prices. We may also be interested in a swap with your flip-chip came

Calibration method for camera

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 08:34:34 EDT 2004 | Evtimov

The camera is in the head. Sorry forgot to tell you.Stefan now I do the calibration with inprint in a putty. Ken I am looking for accuracy when I calibrate the camera. Tell me more about that slug. What is it like? Where to place it? How to use it?

GSM camera lens

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 08:56:30 EST 2008 | geb

Hi, The machine is a Universal GSM1 flexhead. Is it possible to just change the lens of a 2.6mil camera for a 1mil or 0.5mil lens. Or do I have to buy a complete camera assembly to do this? Thanks, Grant

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