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Ap25 camera went all wiggly

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 14:23:12 EDT 2013 | cyber_wolf

Try re-seating the Cognex card and the connectors that plug into it. Make sure the fans on the drawer are clean and functioning. Ive seen bad camera cables cause this as well.

Auto cleaning squeegee

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 26 09:40:27 EDT 2017 | v037022

Dear, My current method incluce steps below: 1. take out all screw 2. Put them into alcohol 3. Clean it with bemcot paper which wet by alcohol 4. Dry it by air gun 5. Checking by Dino camera. It took so much time. Now i want to do it automatic to red

Topaz-Xii Error Code 30

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 24 13:55:09 EDT 2015 | duchoang

- Clean nozzles. - Clean camera. - Adjust lighting. - Check tolerance level. Good luck.

Philips Orion, was running perfectly, now won't recognize parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 08:28:56 EDT 2009 | thanh

have you try to adjust lighting level . are there any object over the camera??? try to clean the camera len and adjust focus, see any help.

Pick and Place Camera sees Red

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 07 11:45:05 EDT 2005 | GEB

The camera on the head of my Universal GSM1 (1994/5 model) displayed interference, and then the live video from it went red. This has never happened before. I've tried re-starting the machine, wriggling the camera feed wires, cleaning the lens etc. D

MPM Accuflex problems and errors

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 06:27:22 EDT 2010 | ristikas

It happens on the middle of the stecil cleaning. The camera and the cleaner will stay under stencil in half way back. Then machine asking the initate the motors. If to press initate then the pcb stopper will hit the rails. Usually we move camera and

fiducial cleaners

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 18:36:00 EDT 2001 | pzohbon

What are some cleaning options? Or is it a camera issue? Not all our boards need the fiducials cleaned so it is hard to tell.

Juki Operator Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 15 04:45:22 EDT 2013 | jandon

Cleaning and lubrication requires maintenance training. You can really break something if you don't know what you are doing. For example you can break your expensive rubber nozzles or cameras with inappropriate cleaning. Check: - Piping and joint -

Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 03:00:43 EDT 2010 | fujiphil

Check the following... 1. Set the fiducial reading to SCAN... 2. Clean the half mirror of the fiducial camera... 3. Check the CCD Camera...maybe blown fuse inside. Hope this will help.... Good luck....

Samsung/Hanwha Maintenance - Which Grease?

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 08 09:45:35 EDT 2020 | richardcargill

Blimey, You've done well ! apart from the monthly clean/regrease/calibrate placement we clean the cameras periodically ( build up of dust over time on the lens ), There may also be some air intake filters that will occasionally need a clean, but we

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