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no-clean flux vs. impedance

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 08:49:34 EST 2008 | rgduval

Get the ionic specs from your flux manufacturer, and show it to the designer. No-clean flux/solder is supposed to be low to minimal in ionic contamination, which allow the whole no-clean thing. If he needs further proof, you can have the board io

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 15:20:43 EST 2008 | kennyg

A PCBA contains a couple of parts that are not sealed and can't be water washed. We hand solder these with no-clean after everything else is water washed. The designer says the no-clean residue must be completely removed so that it will not affect

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 09:26:54 EST 2008 | jdengler

The low solids flux that is commonly called no-clean can affect some circuits. We are building a PCB that measures pico amps. The customer required that it be cleaned. We would rather used the low solids and eliminate a step. The customer had

cleaning of no clean flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 17:19:24 EDT 2005 | Steve Stach

The propensity for flux residues to cause shorts can be increased in humid environments where water molecules hydrate the surfaces. At high frequencies, electrons travel on the surface of conductors/insulators, increasing the likelihood of shorts in

Tombstone caused by flux residue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 04:28:45 EDT 2005 | lloyd

Folks, Thanks for all the info and suggestions but let me add a bit more to the pot. Our products work in a harsh environment and are classed as safety critical. Customer returns are our biggest concern, we don't get very many and feeling here seem

Removal of No-Clean flux residue

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 17:37:56 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello Jeff, If you have components on your board be careful of how low the frequency is that you will be applying to your board. Ultrasonics are great for cleaning stencils and bare boards at around 40kHz. These frequencies (and Lower)may however

No-Clean flux residue and RF application

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 15:05:23 EDT 2005 | Shean Dalton

Dear Ing, Have you analyzed why some RF device aren't operational after washing? An assumption is that failures are related to the ultrasonic energy applied. Other possibilities are for poor rinsing, poor drying, inadequate washing on those failed

No-Clean flux residue and RF application

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 12:08:09 EDT 2005 | slthomas

The answer for us at my previous employer was water soluble flux. Wash the board, no residue. If you're not set up to wash (needing a washer, DI water source, waste treatment, ventilation, etc.) it can be expensive and space consuming. Do some resea

Re: Help with flux residue spec

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 03 21:17:40 EST 1999 | Doug B.

Yes this is absolutely true. No-clean flux residue has various affects on the functionality of circuitry especially high impedance circuits. It also affects solderability, and reliability. No-clean flux will always leave a detectable residue. Mos

Re: Exhausting of flux in reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 00:16:28 EDT 1999 | Mike D.

| Does anyone know of any industry guidelines for the exhausting of volatiles in reflow ovens? I've seen some numbers like 1,000ppm for the oven atmosphere, but is this typical? | | My concern is the volatiles in my WS629 solder paste may be attack

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