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Solder Pallet Maintenance?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 13:55:26 EDT 2007 | bschreiber

We have received several e-mails and phone calls regarding the Permali recommendation of cleaning Durostone pallets so I thought I would address these questions on the forum for everyone's benefit. Q: Can 440-R SMT Detergent be used for manual clean

Stencil cleaners.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 13:37:35 EDT 2006 | carln

Here is something I copied from Circuitnet.com. This appears to answer your question and then some... http://www.circuitnet.com/experts/ Ask the Experts Jul 17, 2006 What type of cleaner method is preferred for lead-free stencils? What type of s

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 15:58:36 EDT 2002 | bschreiber

Hello Dave, I hope that electronic slap didn�t hurt too much. Robf, I am sorry that you did not agree with my initial response, but the answer is very detailed and most of the support material I have is only in paper format so I need to either snai


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