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capacitor leakage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 10 18:19:42 EDT 2002 | davef

Flex cracking under the terminations is generally regarded as one of the primary causes of failure of ceramic chips. If you can see cracks in the solder joints from board flex, those chips are certainly strongly suspect, and you must assume there is

Aluminium capacitor rotation after soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 22 08:40:18 EDT 2015 | markhoch

Hi Myriam, I think we may need some more information. Is the Electrolytic (Aluminum) Capacitor placed more than once per board? If so, are all locations twisting? This would typically be caused by a thermal imbalance that could be design induced. (u

Same pattern of capacitor crack

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 13 11:45:04 EST 2008 | pbarton

We have seen a similar problem. Turned out to be mechanical stress on the component caused by the method of location and clamping at ICT. Where is the component located on the assembly? Poorly adjusted clamping pillars on clamshell fixtures can cause

Re: Solder Fillet Problem on 0603 chip capacitor

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 18:36:49 EDT 2000 | Philip Reyes

Yeo, These are possible rootcause of that defect and you can evaluate. 1. Orientation of the capacitor, maybe the cap is located behind big component. 2. Reflow profile, check the profile on that side. 3. Yes, check also the mounting force. Philip

X7R woes

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 26 12:58:17 EST 2005 | davef

As an alternative theory to the boards being damaged in the wave soldering process, it's possible that the panels are being handled in a way that flexes the panel and breaks the capacitors. In this possibilty, we'd expect capacitors in specific loca

smd capacitors- ICT measuring

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 18 03:16:46 EDT 2013 | mun4o

production lot is 4000pcs.About 70% of capacitors are out of tolerance ( +/-20%).There are 3pcs C=10u per PCB, in different location.Samsung capacitors wich we use are 1,5 years old - i checked this information from our supplier " Rutronik ".I have

Re: Cracking Capacitors

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 03 11:45:34 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| I am in need of possible causes and solutions to capacitors that are failing in the field. | Are there issues in our process that need to be | checked? | Some people said the problems are due to improper | storage. Others say it is thermal stre

cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 16 11:25:46 EDT 2004 | davef

A little more information, please: * Describe the location and pattern of your cracks * Tell us the type of capacitor that you're destroying

Electrolytic Capacitor

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 13:03:00 EDT 2014 | jyo_409

What is the inspection procedure How to test leakage current Is 100% checking is required at IGI inspection What is the shelf life of the capacitor How much period shelf life is recommended for these capacitors How to check the ripple current of thes

Identify [smd resistor?]

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 14:54:54 EDT 2022 | richardcargill

It's a capacitor, not a resistor. From the datasheet and pin locations I'd guess at nothing more than a decoupler in the circuit. hard to tell for certain what package size it is, either 0805 or 0603 by the look of it. A 100nF 25v capacitor would p

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