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Question for everyone regarding part placement on the SMT line (feeder position)

Jan 28, 2020 | If you refer to having wrong resistor or capacitor value, the only way is to automatically measure t

Siplace PnP

Nov 27, 2019 | My experience is that capacitors cause more problem as resistors. Mostly the problem is that the sol

Cracked Capacitors - Analysis

May 26, 2019 | Placement force can cause chip cracking-micro cracks also. As machines are getting faster they tend

Placement theta (rotation) adjustment

Sep 12, 2017 | In trying to have things run smoothly with placement, I have to do a lot of theta adjustment to get

Aluminium capacitor rotation after soldering

Apr 22, 2015 | We'have been working on an issue regarding aluminium capacitor placement in PCB. In fact, we have t

paper vs emboss (& zig zag placement)

Sep 27, 2012 | I notice that someone has set all the capacitors & resistors parts as emboss instead of paper tape.

Yestech B3 Capacitors and P+P downtime

Apr 5, 2011 | Hi Don, The YESTech B3 can be used post placement very easily. I would suggest contacting their ser

How to identify SMT line's capacity

Jun 28, 2010 | Thank you very much for your reply. I do have the numbers for placement per hour, but, I have som

Radial capacitor placement

Jun 18, 2010 | Davef, Thanks for the reply. I do not know if a radial capacitor needs to be secured with adhesive.

Radial capacitor placement

Jun 18, 2010 | With proper lead forming, a radial capacitor (1000uf, 25V) can be placed flush to the board. If you

Radial capacitor placement

Jun 17, 2010 | Hello: I would like to know if a radial capacitor (1000uf, 25V)should be placed flash to the board?

How much capacitor offset is acceptable?

Dec 18, 2006 | You need to get yourself a copy of IPC 610. this has all the specs regrding placement and registrat

How much capacitor offset is acceptable?

Dec 17, 2006 | I'd like to know how much capacitor offset from the pad should be acceptable? What are the risks of

Chip capacitor size - Fuji CP6

Aug 19, 2006 | Hi all, At our Fuji CP-6 machines we place a lot of 0402:s, 0603:s and 0805:s chip capacitors. Our

Cracked chip capacitors

Mar 1, 2006 | Round cracks that look like it's from a placement are generally from a too big Delta T in wave (bee

Cracked Capacitors

Aug 31, 2005 |

Cracked Capacitors

Aug 30, 2005 | Check them before the oven for cracks. (after placement) Don't just look at them, take them off the

Parts Blowing off in Reflow Oven

Jun 29, 2005 | We have a new Heller 1809 EXL reflow oven and when we run MELF�s or Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

SMT Component Tubes/Sticks

Apr 18, 2005 | I need to load SMT tant. capacitors into sticks for a special placement application on a GSM for tra

cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2

Aug 19, 2004 | If you have the placement feedback enabled this should not be an issue. Are all of these parts from

cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2

Aug 16, 2004 | Currently we have an issue with cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2. We have seen several different types

Cracked Tantalum Capacitors

Mar 8, 2004 | What type of P&P machine? Useing any Placement force? Ramp speed in reflow? PCB thickness properly d

Silly Attrition Levels

Apr 28, 2003 | We typically do not try to pick up and hand placve chip resisstors and capacitors. The risk and c

bulk feeding chips

Feb 13, 2003 |

Ceramic capacitors cracking

Feb 5, 2003 | Don't forget placement. I"ve seen chips broken when they are being placed because they were thicker

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