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Cracked SMT Capacitors

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 16:13:54 EDT 2001 | Igmar

Have anyone seen this problem: Capacitors (100nF 0805) placed on PCB and then appear cracked after reflow. After reflow, the solder joints look visualy acceptable. Then capacitors fail during testing. When attempting to remove capacitor with hot sol

capacitor leakage

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 11 06:56:30 EDT 2002 | davef

We have had failure due to a leakage in one ceramic chip capacitor. External inspection did not show any obvious damage. Cross section showed a void in the capacitor. The void was an elliptical shape and positioned longitudinal to the length of the c

Cracks on ceramic capacitors.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 12:44:18 EDT 2003 | sasha

We had this problem with 0805 0.1 mF also. This problem was only with this capacitor. We have replaced all these capacitor after the ninth occurrence. My opinion - it is a defect of the manufacturer. Please inform the manufacturer of your capacitor.

Need help identifiying capacitor

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 21 14:57:57 EDT 2014 | arifa_anees

http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/capacitor/cap_5.html http://m.wikihow.com/Read-a-Capacitor https://www.pc-control.co.uk/capacitor_codes.htm check these sites for your answers courtesy by: http://www.rushpcb.com

Soldering electrolytic capacitor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 06:29:11 EDT 2017 | jamesbarnhart

Soldering electronic components like electrolytic capacitors can be some of the most difficult terms in PCB repair. Electrolytic capacitors, like other components, come in two main formats. 1. Through-hole capacitors have long leads designed to pass


Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 28 00:59:19 EDT 2002 | edahi

I think the suppliers more on the application that the capacitors would be used to.

capacitor leakage

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 12 08:26:51 EDT 2002 | davef

We sent the sectioned capacitor to our supplier for analysis. So, the results of their analysis is probably in a file drawer someplace.

capacitor voltage rating

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 10 10:09:42 EST 2003 | mantis

Hi In selecting or substituting a capacitor for use, consideration must be given to (1) the value of capacitance desired and (2) the amount of voltage to be applied across the capacitor. If the voltage applied across the capacitor is t

cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 08:58:49 EDT 2004 | M.Enright

We are finding cracked capacitors at both first pass and second pass.

How much capacitor offset is acceptable?

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 17 23:51:51 EST 2006 | foolat

what about for cases of 0306 and 0204 chip capacitors? what is end overhang?

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