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gold wire bonding

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 20 02:34:16 EST 2006 | yihui

Hi, i'm david, new to this forum. Came across your posting about using a delvotec bonder to TS bond to a ENIG pad. Given that the immersion gold layer is thin, does the capillary scrub through the gold layer to expose the underlying nickel? Does your

gold wire bonding

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 20 10:27:22 EST 2006 | sparrow

Hello David, No, the capillary does not scrub through the gold layer. At least, we have never seen it. We replace the capillary after approx. 200k bonds. Regards, Sergey

Capillary Underfill

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 13:55:56 EST 2006 | samir

Anyone know what the general rules / requirements are for micro-BGA's and CSP's as to when capillary underfill is required? (ie size of bump/ball, package thickness, PCB/CSP thickness ratios, etc).

Via in Pad Production

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 04:06:49 EST 2004 | rlackey

Argh!! Capillary action!

Micro BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 27 16:09:02 EDT 2013 | burstd

try yincae's SMT 158 capillary underfill. very easy reworking

Non-wetting: PTH on double-side reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 15:28:04 EDT 2005 | patrickbruneel

Soldering PTH in reflow makes the process a lot more dependent on the physical forces in soldering (capillary force vs. gravity). Reducing the topheat in your oven will help the capillary forces (opening the hood solved the problem). Heat rises so if

No Clean and Underfill

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 22:57:05 EST 2009 | davef

Underfill epoxies may be classified into major groups [Capillary Underfill Manufacturing Development and Characterization for 2nd Level Electronic Interconnect Processes; B Salom�n; University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus; Dec 2004]: * Capillary.

Conformal Coat Underfill on HD connectors

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 10:50:59 EDT 2004 | agkettle

Does anyone have any experience with underfill of HD connectors? New customer wishes to underfill 6 HD connectors that have been pressed into PCB. Capillary action is causing the conformal coat to wick up into connector. Material is acrylic.

Immersion Gold (ENIG)

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 10:33:19 EDT 2005 | PWH

Lead-free??? You might see these kinds of problems with capillary action in t-hole items more-so than lead.

gold wire bonding

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 22 20:45:24 EST 2006 | yihui

Hello Sergey, thanks for your input. The capillary i'm using seems to pick up material from the bond surface fairly quickly. Can't think of a solution at the moment. regards, david.

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