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T&R Verification

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 23:57:23 EDT 2003 | Dean

Buddy system at a minimum. In fact it does no good to verify your "stock" number. You need to verify the manufacturers numbers as-well. And even then, reels do get mis-labeled. I seem to remember a story of a major CM supplier for a Big 3 car mak

Wiring LED's

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 23:49:29 EDT 2003 | cngodles

I need to wire some LED's. I have a pair installed in my headlights that use some sort of small thing at the end of the wire. They run off of the 12 volt car battery. They can stay on for over a month without starting the car and still not drain the

Screen Printer Market Share

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 04 05:44:55 EST 2006 | Rob

Didn't someone say the same thing about cars a few years back.....

does potato can absorbed the solder or lead

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 14 14:49:35 EDT 2006 | Brian

Great! Can I use it in my car?

MyData Placement Accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 20:18:06 EDT 2006 | Alan

Guru expert fantastic guy, I am looking for a used car, any recommendations? Alan.

Army Works to Decrease Lead-Free Electronic Components

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 15:11:17 EDT 2010 | patrickbruneel

And cars.................

Used Equipment Support (Registration?)

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 31 03:16:30 EST 2002 | swalter

I have read a number of discussion relating to cars purchases and it maintenance . As far as I know , in cars, you drain your money on that piece of luxury , however, for production equipment , you are investing to grow your money , we are all argui

SMT Line Changeover Time

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 22:47:02 EDT 2007 | oldsmtdude

But a race team can't compete if the car or driver sucks. Several times I've seen managers spend way to much effort on changeover when everyone operating the machines knows there's more waste in lack of PM, bad programming and sloppy optimization.


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 23:38:40 EST 2012 | sarason

Usually an accident that was perfectly for-seeable, due to a breaking of the rules, or an injury exacerbated by not wearing the appropriate safety gear can kick people along to be sensible. A little pep talk along about doing the right thing after a

Does anyone care if Americans supply equipment to our industry.

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 26 20:16:45 EST 2002 | fastek

Let's see......I sell Japanese assembly equipment, my wife drives a Japanese car, I drive a German car, my notebook is Japanese and my camera is Japanese. Why? I appreciate quality and in my opinion, buying SMT equipment from somewhere other than Jap

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