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cem audit check-list

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 09:09:27 EDT 2006 | Olas

I agree Rob, I saw QA certified companies with best in class equipment behaving more poorly than others. Thank you for your valuable help DaveF, that document is what I needed. Have a good day, Olas

cem audit check-list

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 01 13:32:37 EDT 2006 | Olas

Thank you PeteC for the crucial points you listed. Once done this investigation I'll be ready to apply for New Scotland Yard :-) Regards, Olas

cem audit check-list

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 04:22:12 EDT 2006 | Olas

Hi, Can anyone provide a check-list to evaluate the capability of a subcontractor for assembling boards? I mean a list of items to check like number of SMT production lines, kind of machines (screen-printer, pick-and-place, oven, AOI, etc.), throug

cem audit check-list

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 04:34:22 EDT 2006 | Rob

Just because someone has great equipment doesn't mean they are any good at assembling quality boards. By all means check out their current capacity & contingency plans, but also assess their competance levels & output quality. Set a cunning trap fo

cem audit check-list

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 07:06:32 EDT 2006 | davef

"cunning trap"? Did someone say roadtrip and beer? [Sorry Chunks, I go cheap.] A simpler, less expensive, and less painful solution is: * http://www.ipc.org * Knowledge * Technical Resources * IPC Free Documents Available For Download * IPC-1720A

cem audit check-list

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 29 13:27:20 EDT 2006 | pjc

Verify that the CEMs machines and processes are capable of assembling the technology of your boards- smallest components, largest components, finest pitch, flex circuits, etc� Are their core competences aligned with your requirements- assembly only,

Singulation of old CEM-1 material

Electronics Forum | Tue May 24 10:07:50 EDT 2011 | ck_the_flip

Does anyone have experience singulating CEM-1 substrates?

Re: Surface Mounting on Composite Epoxy Materials (CEM - 1)

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 22 02:58:25 EDT 1999 | George Verboven (Process Engineer)

| We are considering adding surface mount components to a board we currently produce. The board is made from CEM-1. Has anyone had any problems with surface mounting to this material? We use a glue/place/cure process. | | Thanks in advance, | |


Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 05 03:03:50 EDT 2002 | jkhiew

Hi all, I had some old stock of CEM1 pcb: a. How long & under what temp. condition shall I bake it to eliminate the trapped moisture ? b. Is the baking time & temp. different for 3 yrs old stock, 2yrs old stock & 6 month old stock ? c. For CEM1 pcb,

Singulation of old CEM-1 material

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 15:21:18 EDT 2011 | davef

As long as it has been properly stored, we don't believe that old CEM will singulate any different than new CEM ... either should press well.

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