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Cencorp Americas LLC

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Cencorp Americas provides Service, Spare Parts and OEM Cencorp Equipment sales, new and refurbished. PCB Depaneling, Odd Form placing, Laser Applications and Test Handling.

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Mechanical Router vs Laser Depaneling

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 09 02:46:45 EST 2018 | robl

Thanks Capse. Hi Rick, We have Asys and Cencorp inline routers, both are very good. Our models are ADS01F, Cencorp 1000BR & 1300BR. One thing to remember is that if you have tight finished tolerances make sure you get the fiducial alignment option

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Cencorp 1000 BR EVO Router

Cencorp 1000 BR EVO Router

Used SMT Equipment | Depanelizers / Routers

This equipment has been barely used and is in "Like New" condition.

Baja Bid

Cencorp 1300BR

Cencorp 1300BR

Used SMT Equipment | Depanelizers / Routers

• Under board high speed routing unit • Linear mother driven X (2x)Y axes, servo motor driven Z-axis • PCB Board Stopper mounted on routing unit • Tool rack for interchangeable gripper fingers • Camera Assisted Teaching System (CATS) • Offline P

Lewis & Clark

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Altus Announce New Partnership with Trailblazing Soldering Systems Manufacturer

Industry News | 2020-12-22 15:01:58.0

Altus' partnership portfolio continues to strengthen in 2020 with the announcement of a new agreement to distribute and support equipment from Inertec. With over 1,300 soldering systems installed worldwide, Inertec is one of the leading companies to develop and manufacture innovative soldering technologies. This new relationship will further enhance Altus' vision to provide full turnkey solutions to customers in the UK and Ireland.

Altus Group

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High Volume / High-mix Router Cencorp combines flexibility and capacity in this 4th generation in-line bottom router. The key to the flexibility is the Cencorp servo gripper. This programmable gripper with automatic finger change accommodates a wid

Recon Inc

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