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Cencorp TR4000 router

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 15:43:26 EST 2004 | Alan

I am currently thinking about purchasing a well used Cencorp TR4000 router. Is anyone familiar with using this type of router. I have used TR2100 and TR1000's in the past, however never this model. Can anyone give me some info. Good or Bad from th

master password cencorp

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 10 23:21:32 EST 2010 | nirmex

Anyone know a master password to get into a cencorp router?

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 15:53:07 EST 2012 | davef

* Singulation (Wand 847-459-2400 F2421, Circuit Technology 708-705-2140 f2141 John Bambule, Pioneer - Dietecs 781-682-7900 F0338 Gerry Larson) * Routing (Cencorp 303-530-0891 bill stranathan 303-772-5933x227, 0Z0 Automation 800-366-0401 Chip Gill)

Cencorp TR1000 Router intermittently freezing up

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 06 17:32:44 EST 2015 | tamte65

If you still have the problem: We are Cencorp OEM service department in McAllen TX. Can you provide the machine serial number so we can check more accurate response. The problem seems to be related PC CPU issue. Overheating or something similar.

Cencorp TR1000 Router intermittently freezing up

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 13:00:27 EDT 2014 | Todd Grover

We have a Cencorp TR1000 Router that has been recently having problems. Frequently it will freeze up. This usually happens after running it for awhile. Sometimes the machine and computer both freeze up. When this occurs we have to completely shu

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 23:12:37 EDT 2008 | amt61114

Our Cencorp TR1000 PCB router is down with a fault on the KaVo Type 4444 converter that reads "888.8" on the LED display. None of the documentation we have can explain what this fault means. We're searching for a replacement converter but have foun

Cencorp TR1000 PCB Manuals needed

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 12 10:18:57 EDT 2016 | chartman1

I bought a used router for a very small need and it didn't come with manuals. I have nobody with experience to run the machine. I am searching for someone that might have one of the units that could make copies of the manuals for me. I would be happy

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 13 11:04:02 EDT 2009 | kdixonttu

Dear Doug, Do you still have a TR1000 that you would be interested in selling? If so, please give me a call or email me the s/n, photos, and the machine location. Regards, Kent Dixon Cencorp VP Sales - Americas 817-366-7876

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 18:12:39 EDT 2008 | dnebel

I have an excess TR1000 available. Bought it from Cencorp for a project 8 years ago and we changed the boards to break outs soon after. Engineering kept it around, thinking it was nice to have "just in case". It was in perfect condition 8yrs ago.

Cencorp TR1000 Spindle Controller

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 08 12:43:15 EDT 2008 | linny999

hello, Try Allen at Attek LLC 970 443 9233 he should be able to help you out. Ian

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