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MyData DPak not placing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 13:34:28 EDT 2013 | dontfeedphils

Usually the reason it will fail a part like that when you are using mechanical centering is because the part is usually picked so off center because of the body shape. So when the centering jaws close to push the part to center they give up and fail


Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 15:00:10 EDT 2005 | glenda

what about spacing between pads center to center on 0402.

MyData placement precision / alignment

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 17:01:31 EDT 2020 | rgduval

+1 to what Sr. Tech said. I'd also add that you could have some uneven deterioration of the centering jaws. Check by doing a couple of things (this will help check if the tool/tip is bent/deteriorated as well): 1. Turn off mechanical centering, and

optical component centering

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 06 13:12:17 EST 2005 | sk

Hello, I use Siemens MS128 & HS180. I need to place a lot of TO-252AA, SOT223, ... components. At the moment I use only mechanical centering but I want to center these components opticaly. There is no problem to center chips and other symetrical com

Feeder Calibration

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 04:59:17 EDT 2010 | sachu_70

Feeder calibration helps to center the window opening used during component pick-up by a machine nozzle. Once this is established, the next step would be to confirm the centering of Machine nozzle to the center of this feeder window during machine op

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 04:26:58 EST 2004 | Evtimov

Hi Chris, About marks detect: If you have vision system you can recognize the fids and not center them manual. If only camera you have to put the center of the camera in the center of the mark.

MYData placement variations

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 14:40:41 EDT 2006 | Billy D

Dude - check the centering jaws as well. If they're off a bit it'll do this as well. Is it just mechanically centered parts, or optically centered parts also?

Zevatech FS730 error

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 02:31:19 EST 2007 | meritajs

The problem is that if we disable center head and even turn off the cable of center head encoder, it's not helps. The same error appears. And it's all the same it shows error of the center head.

Electrovert Omniexcell 7 Center Support

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 24 13:01:24 EDT 2013 | quaker332007

Can anyone help me with the center support on this oven? The support is rising up to high and causing the board to rock during reflow. Is the away to lower the center support?

SMT fine picth connector lead oxidize-Throw out rate too high!

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 14:26:27 EDT 2013 | joekirin

On machines such as MyDatas you have the ability to mechanically center parts rather than optically centering. If your machine is capable of doing mechanical centering that would eliminate the need for the vision analysis. -Joe

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