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ceramic thermodes

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 12:10:20 EST 2007 | jsmith01

Does anyone know of a supplier of ceramic reflow Thermodes for a Microjoin 4200 hot bar machine? Microjoin was acquired by Miyachi Unitek and they of course do not support this machine any more.

ceramic thermodes

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 15:33:43 EST 2007 | Steve

Hi Steve, You might check with: http://www.a-i-t.com/ They may be able to help you, or guide you in the right direction... -Steve-

ceramic cap crack

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 25 05:34:40 EDT 2010 | ppcbs

Hi iv40 Try with NIC ceramic capacitor that was tested in wet process. We hav succeed with these cap after we found some failure with Kemet ceramic Cap which tested in dry test process while manufacturing.

SMT on ceramic substrate

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 10:09:50 EDT 2001 | gresko

Steve, Depending on the type of equipment you are using for P&P you may want to consider placing and processing the substrates in Auer boats. I have provided many applications for ceramic substarate users using purchased Auer boats or machined palle

Cracks on ceramic capacitors.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 30 10:52:36 EDT 2003 | Bob

Suggest you ask vendor for a failure analysis. Ceramic chips have specific signatures for mechanical or thermal shock cracking. The vast majority of failures are due to mechanical flex. Depanelization and secondary operations such as hand insertion

SMT on ceramic substrate

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 25 13:24:37 EDT 2001 | btaylor

We have used scribed ceramic from CoorsTek for many years with no problem. You will have to control your scribe depth so not to break it during processing. If you have any more question you can e-mail me.

Cracks on ceramic capacitors.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 10:27:19 EDT 2003 | Cristiano Dick Smiderle

Hi We are experiencing serious problem with ceramic capacitors. They are with low electrical resistence and the problem is intermittent. We found some of them with micro cracks but not all. What could be the causes for this problem? We are su

Cracks on ceramic capacitors.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 18:35:28 EDT 2003 | Brian W.

Most of the time, Ceramic cracks are cracked due to mechanical stress. Check your depaneling methods. Cermaic caps that are close and perpendicular to the board edge are especially susceptible.

ceramic cap cracking

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 10:01:08 EST 2005 | Philj

Try heating a blank board on a hotplate to 183 deg C. with a board this thick, if the layer construction is poorly balanced, it may bend enough in the region of the ceramic capacitor for the soldered joints to crack it on cooling to ambient.

ceramic cap crack

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 19 00:49:17 EDT 2010 | mun4o

Hi all, lately ofen I have problem with cracked ceramic capacitors.We use 0805 and 0603 cap. Samsung.ICT measure diferent capacity of nominal.If I tray to desoldering component , then component cracked.I think , that the reason is the moisture in com

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